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U.Porto Personalities

Preito de Homenagem a Augusto Nobre - folha de rosto / Cover of a Tribute document to Augusto NobreThis area provides information about people who, over the years, have contributed to the prestige and recognition of the University of Porto, and whose merit this university saw fit to reward, in particular through honorary degrees.

Several Portuguese and foreign individuals have received these awards for excelling in academic, political, and political life, and directly contributing to the advancement of our country, and of the University of Porto in particular. The award of the doctor Honoris Causa is one particular way the U.Porto has of recognizing and honouring them.

Similarly, the U.Porto expresses its appreciation to the retired or emeritus professors, by granting them the title of Professor Emeritus, for the special contribution they have made and will continue to provide to the University.

This area also contains biographies of former students of the U.Porto. The nearly three hundred biographies currently available are already a repository that the university still intends to increase, due to the large number of students of the university and institutions that preceded it, who distinguished themselves over the years in the various areas of knowledge, prodigal in their contributions to the cultural, scientific and social development of the country and of the world.

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