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University of Porto Famous Alumni Photos

This section aims to provide further information on the path of famous alumni of the University of Porto and of the institutions that preceded it. These alumni, who gained recognition during their lives, have made a significant and often decisive contribution to the cultural, scientific and social development of the Country and the World.

Currently, this is just a small sample of the vast "pool of biographies" under construction by the Unidade de Gestão de Informação of the Universidade Digital. At the beginning, this project was also supported by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, where extensive and diverse research is being done on the academic community – and, in particular, on the University students and alumni.

Some famous people of the University are not included in this project, since they did not study at the University of Porto. This is the case of Francisco Gomes Teixeira, Augusto Nobre, Rui Luís Gomes, Corino de Andrade, Venceslau de Lima, Luís Woodhouse, Parada Leitão, Óscar Lopes, to name just a few.

The restricted concept of "biography" has been broadened from the outset of this project - which is clear from the additional information provided in the 'Appendix' section of each biography. This section includes author publications, honours and homage paid, as well as prizes and awards received, besides the indispensable bibliography and references used to write the biography

This section is also intended to establish a stronger relationship between the U.Porto and the University alumni. Please contribute to make this project a richer experience.

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