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The Rectory is the core of the organization of the University of Porto, dedicated to the central support of the University's governance, ensuring the regular functioning of the University and its organic units.

In addition to providing administrative support to the governing bodies, the Rectory also provides other services, such as Academic Training and Organisation – coordinates and collaborates with the Organic Units regarding pre-graduate, post-graduate and continuing training offers -, International Relations – responsible for promoting the cooperation policy with foreign universities and supporting the internationalization of the U.Porto – and the U.Porto Digital University, responsible for promoting the widespread use of Information and Communication Technologies in all the activities of the University of Porto, and for encouraging the development and use of innovative services in this area.
At the left side menu of this website there is a list of services that are part of the Rectory (entries Services, Units, Offices and Functional Centers).

The Gomes Teixeira Foundation was extinguished on October 31, 2013, as recommended by the Government of Portugal, following the Foundations assessment process. Any matter relating to this Foundation should be sent to Henrique Lacerda (hlacerda@reit.up.pt).

Just like the constituent entities of the University of Porto, the Rectory website is also built based on the SIGARRA information system.

The Rectory stemmed from a secretariat and treasury established in 1911 by the same law that enacted the first University Constitution. The size and complexity of services increased over the years, along with the growth and development of the University of Porto.

Since its early days, the Rectory used the same premises as the Faculty of Sciences, the School of Engineering adjacent to the Faculty, the Technical Faculty (later Faculty of Engineering) from 1915, the first Faculty of Arts, established in 1919, the Faculty of Economics, from 1953, the museums and institutes of Zoology, Geology and Anthropology, and also the Institutes of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Although the facilities were scant for its occupants, the Rectory remained in the building inherited from the Polytechnic Academy until 1976, when it had to relocate to the old former Command of the ex-CICAP building, in Rua de D. Manuel II, following the fire that had occurred two years before.

The first project for the historical building of the U.Porto, by architect and teacher José da Costa e Silva, was later reviewed by Carlos Amarante, architect and bridge engineering. The Porto City Council and General Company of Alto Douro Viticulture funded the construction, which lasted over a century, by setting up a tax known as the real on wine or literary tariff.

Originally, this area belonged to the Colégio dos Meninos Órfãos (College for Orphaned Boys), housed in the building until mid-19th century. With a convent-type of architecture, the College had four wings built around a cloister and a church on its northern side. Later, the building was expanded to house the Royal Academy of maritime and Trade Affairs of the City of Porto between 1803 and 1837 and the Polytechnic Academy of Porto, between 1837 and 1911.

The Rectory returned to the building in the historic centre of the city in 2006, which also houses the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Science, both established in 1996, and the iconographic and bibliographic archive of the U.Porto, called Old Archive Library.

This website contains public information and support information on the internal operation of the Rectory (authentication is required). The general contacts are available on the Homepage.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome, especially those that are addressed to Information Management! By sending us your queries to the contact addresses, you will be helping us to provide better services.

SIGARRA Information Management of the Rectory

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