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Rectoral Team

Rectoral Team 2022-2026


António Sousa Pereira
Governance and Institutional Representation


Ana Maria Camanho
Digital Transformation and Information Management

Fátima Vieira
Culture and Museums

Joana Resende
Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Valuation and Strategic Planning

José Manuel Castro Lopes
Training, Academic Organization, Health and Well-being

Maria Joana de Carvalho
International Relations, Social Responsibility and Sport

Pedro Alves Costa
Built Heritage and Sustainability

Pedro Rodrigues
Research and Innovation


Mário Jorge Pimentel
Building Management and Maintenance

Olívia Pestana
Cultural Infrastructures and Alumni

Pedro Brandão
Technological Infrastructures and Information Systems

Sónia Valente Rodrigues
Pedagogical Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Promotion of the Portuguese Language

University Administrator

João Carlos Ribeiro

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