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Research and Projects

Acronym: SIP
Person in Charge: Sónia Pereira

The Research and Projects Office's mission is to support the research policy and strategy of the U.Porto, by promoting internal and inter-institutional relationships, and to secure external funding for projects to support U.Porto's research and development activities.


The Research and Projects Office is responsible for:

  • Promoting cooperation and the establishment of synergies between the organic units, research units, research institutes, and other research-performing entities associated with the U.Porto;
  • Supporting the implementation of activities linked to U.Porto's research areas;
  • Boosting the innovation and internationalization of the research carried out at the U.Porto;
  • Systematizing and managing information on research activities at the U.Porto, in its several dimensions;
  • Developing programs to support initiation into scientific research;
  • Promoting initiatives that contribute to the recognition of the work developed by the scientific community of the U.Porto;
  • Encouraging and supporting the submission of applications to strategic research, innovation and scientific internationalization projects;
  • Proposing and promoting the dissemination, within U.Porto, of funding opportunities and information on rules for managing applications and contractualising R&D+i co-funded projects;
  • Providing technical support to the preparation of proposals, by the U.Porto, for R&D+i projects applying to external funding;
  • Ensuring interaction with national and international funding entities;
  • Ensuring close collaboration with the local structures of U.Porto's constitutive entities in everything related to research and development support, preparing and submitting applications, and contractualising R&D+i funded projects.
E-mail: sip@reit.up.pt
Phone: (+351) 22 040 85 97
Room: GT463
Address: Praça Gomes Teixeira, s/n, 4099-002 Porto


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