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Master Degree Course in Public Health


The Master in Public Health, results from a partnership between the University of Porto Medical School and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar, emphasises  the description and analysis of national health problems, detailing the study of etiologic and intervention factors, either environmental, psychosocial or biological in nature.  Learning and application of the methods from epidemiology, biostatistics and social sciences are approached in depth, promoting the interconnection of research and practice, preventive and curative, at individual and collective levels.
The Master is mainly attended by health professionals, with different backgrounds and from several regions, namely from CPLP, with the aim of entering or progressing on the academic career and enhancing and updating professional skills.
The Master comprises a team of highly qualified faculty as well as other administrative research resources, and facilities, including those available at the Institute of Public Health, that contribute to the quality of the program.
The Master has the collaboration of several international partners and has close relations with European networks for research and training in Public Health, namely as a member of ASPHER (The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region).

Teaching Languague : English


a) Holders of a Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent degree in Health Sciences or related areas;

b) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree in Health Sciences or related areas, upon curricular evaluation by the Scientific Committee;

c) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum which demonstrates that the candidate has the skills to carry out this cycle of studies, approved by the Scientific Council.





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Núcleo de Ensino Pós-Graduado

Telf: (+351) 220 426 976
 E: posgraduacao@med.up.pt

General information

Official Code: 6239
Director: Henrique de Barros
Acronym: MSP
Academic Degree: Master
Type of course/cycle of study: Masters Degree
Start: 1995/1996
Duration: 4 Semesters

Study Plan

Involved Organic Units


  • Public Health (120 ECTS credits)
  • Public Health (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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