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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP) promotes teaching, scientific research and medical support activities to the community, besides its inherent responsibilities for the administration of its internal organization and to relation with national and foreign entities. The predecessors of the FMUP were the Royal School of Surgery (1825-1836) and the School of Medicine and Surgery of Porto (1836-1911). By the decree of February 22, 1911, the School of Medicine and Surgery of Porto University received faculty status and a radical reform of the medical statutes was done. The inauguration of Hospital S. João occurred on June 24, 1959 and as a result of the acquired status of Teaching Hospital, the Faculty of Medicine was installed in the Hospital which until that date had the use of some wards of Hospital Santo António, which actually belong to the Hospital of the Poor (Santa Casa da Misericórdia). The FMUP is today a prestigious institution at national and international levels, the one that requires the highest marks for entry to the course of the degree in Medicine.
The FMUP is a creation, transmission and diffusion centre of the culture and of the science in the areas of Medicine and Human Biology.
The specific objectives of the Faculty of Medicine, as consigned in its statutes are:
  1. Develop educational programs in the areas of Medicine, Human Biology and Public Health, through the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities, performance of scientific research enabling it to attribute the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master and PhD and the title of full Professor in the same areas;
  2. Perform scientific research activities and development in the areas of Medicine and Human Biology, separately or in cooperation with other organic units of the University of Porto or other national or foreign Universities;
  3. Provide health care services to the community, directly or through other public or private entities;
  4. Provide other services, for which the faculty has the scientific-technical capacity in a perspective of reciprocal evaluation;
  5. Accomplish activities with other public or private entities, national or foreign, with providers of primary, secondary or tertiary health care, having as with the objective of the development of teaching activities and or investigation and scientific exchange;
  6. Contribute, in the extent of Medicine and Human Biology, to cooperation and international solidarity and for promoting relations among people of different cultures, in particular with Portuguese speaking countries and European countries.

The FMUP is responsible for the attribution of the degree in Medicine; it collaborates in the courses of Dental Medicine and of Nutritional Sciences, and it is responsible for 8 master degree courses, 7 postgraduate courses and specialization, as well as non-degree courses in different specialty areas. It still collaborates in PhD studies, in medical internships, with national and international entities in the meetings that it promotes, in the academic trials and in the educational development of its members.
The Directive Committee of the medical magazines Arquivos de Medicina, Arquivos Portugueses de Cirurgia and Educação Médica, owned by the Association of Medical Students of the FMUP, is committed to Professors of the FMUP and Professors of the Medical School mainly constitute the Editorial Boards, as well.
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