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Hands-on Debriefing Course (CPD)
2022/23 - Admission for Continuous Training Curricular Units - 1st Phase


Start date for application submittal: 2023-03-06
Deadline for application submittal: 2023-03-24

Information to be provided by the candidate

Information to be provided - Personal data

  • Name (Mandatory)
  • Date of birth (Mandatory)
  • Gender (Mandatory)
  • Identity Card (Mandatory)
  • Expiration date (Mandatory)
  • Taxpayer no. (Optional)
  • Nationality (Mandatory)
  • Type of address (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Street (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Postal Code (Residence) (Optional)
  • Country (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Cell phone (Mandatory)
  • E-mail (Mandatory)

Information to be provided - Academic and professional data

  • Academic qualifications (Mandatory)
  • Country where the last higher education degree was completed (Mandatory)
  • Professional qualifications (Optional)
  • Course you are applying for (Mandatory)
  • Reason why you are interested in this course (Optional)
  • Additional information relevant to the application (Optional)

Information to be provided - Scanned documents

  • Identification document (identity card, citizen's card, passport) or Declaration of Identification Data (Mandatory)
  • Taxpayer card (if you are portuguese and didn¿t submit citizen¿s card) (Optional)
  • Document proving the degree or master with indication of final classification. (Mandatory)
  • Document proving the degree of master and / or doctor, if applicable (this document does not exclude the need to present the certificate proving that holds the degree (Optional)
  • Curriculum vitae (Mandatory)
  • Other documents deemed relevant to ranking criteria (Optional)

Contact for further information

Academic Management Unit

Number of vacancies

Admission Scheme Vacancies
Admission for Continuous Training Curricular Units 12
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