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Mark Poole

Fotografia de MarK William Poole
Nome: MarK William Poole
Sigla: MWP
Estado: Ativo
Extensão Telefónica: 4356
Telf.Alt.: 226077100
Salas: A262


Categoria: Leitor
Grupo profissional: Docente
Departamento: Departamento de Estudos Anglo-Americanos


Cargo Data de Início
Membro da Comissão Executiva do Departamento Departamento de Estudos Anglo-Americanos 2023-03-08
Membro da Comissão Cientifica Mestrado em Ensino de Inglês no 1º Ciclo do Ensino Básico 2023-03-22

Apresentação Pessoal

My first degree was in English Literature and Film Studies at one of the first universities in Great Britain to offer Film Studies as an option of study. As a result, I learnt about the French Nouvelle Vague, German Expressionism, Soviet Socialist Realism and the Italian Neorealists. 

The course also introduced me to the nascent theories of film narration as well as an extensive look at the history of the Hollywood studio system from its formation until its break up in the late 1960s. This involved not only exploring the socio-political background of the studios, but also different genres, such as the Western, the Musical, the Melodrama and Film Noir.

My Master's degree was taken at Universidade de Aveiro in English Studies. However, I focused my dissertation on Film, in particular the first three films of Christopher Nolan and the noirish aspects contained within.

Since completing my Master's I have had papers published on the Role(s) of Women in David Fincher Films, Paul Auster's Films and the Noir Elements Contained Within The Book of Illusions and the Translation of Swearing in Christopher Nolan's Memento.

 I have also given papers on Lyndsay Anderson's "If", the Films of David Fincher, Cinema as a Voyeuristic Act, Paul Auster's Narrative in Relation to Film Noir, Christopher Nolan's Following and How We Watch Films and  the use of intertitles in Hitchcock's The Pleasure Garden and The Artist.

I recently completed my PhD thesis on Symbolism in the films of Alfred Hicthcock from a Freudian and Lacanian perspective  and am now working on articles to be published in journals related to Alfred Hitchcock, before starting work on a book looking st symbolism in the films of Luis Bunuel.


Categoria: Não definida
Centro de Investigação & Desenvolvimento: Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies
Faculdade: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
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