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Single Curricular Units - school year 2020/21

Deadline for enrolment requests in 2020/2021:
1st Semester: from 3 August to 4 September 2020.
2nd Semester: from 11 January to 19 February 2021.
The list of vacancies for enrolment in Single Curricular Units - school year 2020/21
News feature regarding the proceedings for school year 2020/21 - 2nd semester

Enrolment requirements

  • U.Porto students enrolled and registered in any cycle of study, as well as mobility students;
  • Students enrolled in other education institutions;
  • Students with national or foreign higher education degrees;
  • Other candidates with an academic background that the director of the intended course of study deems compatible with the curricular units within the course’s study plan;
  • International students;
  • Each student may enrol each year in up to 75 ECTS, with the exception of multi-year curricular units - dissertations and thesis – as well as of curricular units in Foreign Languages.
  • Throughout their study plan, students cannot enrol in single curricular units worth more than 60 ECTS, including single curricular units in Foreign Languages.

Necessary documents:

Internal Mobility

Meant for students who are attending a course of study at U.Porto and who seek to enrol in curricular units from FLUP’s courses of study. Students shall request further information and complete their registration within the school of origin.
Necessary documents:
  • Contract of internal mobility, approved by the director of the course of study that the student is enrolled in.
  • Registration: check Order No. GR. 02/06/2013.

WARNING: Students shall request their access credentials to the University’s online portal 24h upon registration by contacting the IT service, to the e-mail gi@letras.up.pt 


According to U.Porto’s Regulation on the Attendance in Single Curricular Units, no. 282/19 of 28 March, 2019, as well as to FLUP’s Internal Procedures for Registration and Enrolment in Single Curricular Units of 1 July, 2019, registration and enrolment in single curricular units is subject to payment of a fee.
Payment can be completed via Multibanco/ATM machine, homebanking or at FLUP’s Treasury, as per U.Porto's Table of fees.

Students Payment Fee per Curricular Unit
Payment Deadline
1st Cycle
Masters in Teaching
2nd Cycle
3rd cycle - Doctoral Programme
Enrolment in a single curricular unit
Enrolment in two or more curricular units
1st Semester 2nd Semester 1st Semester 2nd Semester
National/EU student
Attending U.Porto
 34,85 ¤ 62,50 ¤
137,50 ¤
4 September  19 February 1st instalment:
4 September
2nd instalment:
31 January
1st instalment:
19 February
2nd instalment:
31 May

Not attending U.Porto
139,40 ¤
250,00 ¤
International Student (CPLP)
Attending U.Porto
96,25 ¤
 110,00 ¤  165,00 ¤

Not attending U.Porto
385,00 ¤
440,00 ¤
660,00 ¤
International Student (Other Countries)
Attending U.Porto
 175,00 ¤
200,00 ¤
 300,00 ¤

Not attending U.Porto
 700,00 ¤
800,00 ¤
1 200,00 ¤

General remarks:

- The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto has established a regime of attendance to single curricular units for 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles of study.

- The number of vacancies is published annually. Enrolment depends on the overall number of vacancies in each curricular unit.

- Students are bound to the evaluation parameters established in the curricular unit’s page. Students enrolled in single curricular units are entitled to two exam periods: regular and supplementary periods. They are not allowed to resit a grade improvement exam.

- As per Legal Opinion no. J18/14A59, attending single curricular units does not grant Student-Worker status.

- Attending and obtaining approval in single curricular units does not grant a degree in the cycles of study they pertain to.

- In case of approval, it is possible to request a certificate with the final grade. Certificates may be requested in the student’s page or in the academic management service.
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