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Academic Calendar


Academic Calendar 2016/2017

According to the Rector GR Order . 03/01/2016 and under paragraph i) of article . 30 of the Statute of the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, the school year calendar 2016/2017 is the following:




Beginning of the Academic Year 19-09-2016  
First, Second and Third Cycle Courses 19-09-2016  
1st Semester 19-09-2016 03-02-2017
1st semester classes 19-09-2016 17-12-2016
Christmas Holidays 19-12-2016 01-01-2017
1st Semester Exams
Exams 02-01-2017 20-01-2017
Supplementary Exams 23-01-2017 03-02-2017
2nd Semester (First, Second and Third Cycle Courses) 06-02-2017 15-07-2017
2nd semester classes 06-02-2017 27-05-2017
Easter Holidays 10-04-2017 17-04-2017
Academic week 08-05-2017 12-05-2017
2nd Semester Exams
Exams 29-05-2017 16-06-2017
Supplementary Exams 19-06-2017 30-06-2017
September Special Exam Period 01-09-2017 15-09-2017
Period for delivery of dissertations and theses ( 2nd and 3rd cycles ) 01-09-2017 30-09-2017


Approved unanimously at the meeting of the Pedagogical Council of 24.02.2016


Pedagogical Council President,

Prof. Doutor Luís Alberto Marques Alves


 Academic Calendar 2017/2018



Beginning of the Academic Year  11-09-2017
Beginning of the classes  18-09-2017


 18-09-2017 to 16-12-2017

Christmas Holidays 18-12-2017 to 01-01-2018 
1st Semester Exams  03-01-2018 to 03-02-2018
Exams  03-01-2018 to 20-01-2018
Supplementary Exams  22-01-2018 to 03-02-2018
End of 1st semester evaluation  03-02-2018
 05-02-2018 to 26-05-2018
Easter Holidays  26-03-2018 to 02-04-2018
Academic week  07-05-2018 to 11-05-2018
2nd Semester Exams  28-05-2018 to 30-06-2018
Exams  28-05-2018 to 16-06-2018
Supplementary Exams  18-06-2018 to 30-06-2018
End of 2nd semester evaluation 30-06-2018 
End of the academic year 13-07-2018 
September Special Exam Period  03-09-2018 to 15-09-2018
Period for delivery of dissertations and theses ( 2nd and 3rd cycles )  03-09-2018 to 30-09-2018*

Exam Timetable

The Exam Timetable is now available on Sigarra, on the right-hand menu of each course page, underOptions, option “Exams” (free access).

Alternatively, the same option “Exams” is available on each student record, where only the exams of the subjects for which the student is registered appear (requires logging on to the system).

Whenever there are changes to the exams, both in terms of date or room, all the students registered for that exam will receive a notification of that change via their institutional e-mail address (the e-mail on the Student’s Card). Thus, it is highly recommended that students check their e-mail box regularly.


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