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Institute of Philosophy

Acronym: IF Institute of Philosophy - Abre numa nova janela
Person in Charge: Sofia Miguens
Mission: Logótipo IF

The Instituto de Filosofia (Institute of Philosophy) of the Universidade do Porto, in accordance to its Statute pursues the following goals:
(a) To carry out research in Philosophy and closely connected domains of investigation, creating research groups and research projects in strategic areas for which competent researchers and a natural vocation are available.
(b) To sustain the investigation carried out within undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses in Philosophy and closely connected disciplines.
(c) To create programs which promote the involvement, and consequent training, of students within research activities. 
(d) To promote researcher exchange programs, both with national and international institutions.
(e) To create and host research projects and research activities which stimulate and strengthen its main activities and which foster its internationalization.
(f) To promote the extension and circulation of a scientific culture.
(g) To disseminate through the most serviceable channels its scientific results.

For activities, see the web page: Instituto de Filosofia

The Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto was created in 1986, and since then it carries out investigation in Philosophy with the sponsorship of FCT. It is based in the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, and it constitutes an integrated sub-unit thereof.
Between 1998 and 2008 the Institute of Philosophy has been assessed three times by international panels; each time it has been rated excellent. The last evaluation, by ESF/FCT, took place in 2014 and the IF was rated Very Good.
Board 2019-2022:

Director / Scientific Coordinator: Prof.ª Doutora Sofia Miguens;
Member: Doutor Renato Epifânio
Member: Doutor João Rebalde

The research carried out within the Instituto de Filosofia is divided into three main areas, to which correspond three Thematic Lines (or Gabinetes):
IF has c. 120 research members, 52 of them with PhD and at more than 30% research time in IF, as well as c. 30 Phd or MS candidates.

Schedule: 9h30-12h30; 14h00-17h00 - Closed on Wednesday afternoon

Office 115 (Tower B, Floor 0)

Dr. Isabel Marques (BGCT)
E-mail: ifilosofia@letras.up.pt
Phone: 226 077 180
Address: Instituto de Filosofia
Faculdade de Letras
Via Panorâmica s/n
Postal Code: 4150-564
Location: Porto (Portugal)
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