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Centre for Digital Culture and Innovation

Acronym: CODA
Person in Charge: Vera Moitinho de Almeida

CODA  - Centre for Digital Culture and Innovation - is a hub on Digital Humanities (DH) that stands out by its potential to generate new dynamics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Since 2022, CODA is anchored at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University of Porto (FLUP), supporting all its eight research units (in their research-related projects and programs). Working in synergy with REMA, CODA's mission is to reinforce and stimulate trans and interdisciplinary research between FLUP's R&D units and other (inter)national collaborations.

CODA is funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), under the CEECINST/00050/2021 contract programme.

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The Centre for Digital Culture and Innovation (CODA) was founded in 2022 and is committed to digital transformation by working as a catalyst of innovative and interdisciplinary synergies in the Social Sciences and the Humanities. CODA’s mission is twofold and includes:

  • Research initiation, development, and support
    • Generate innovative models of co-creative research practice and new dynamics of research;
    • Help to identify, develop and implement the best solutions for each of the CODA projects, as well as innovative and promising digital methods and technologies in the ​​digital humanities (DH) field;
    • Support the development of new digital projects by members of FLUP’s R&D Units, while fostering national and international collaborations, and applications for funding.
  • Transfer of knowledge & education
    • Actively promote the transfer and enhancement of knowledge, through the provision of short courses, or through collaboration in teaching and participation in the training and supervision of undergraduate, master and doctoral students;
    • Participate in science and technology management and communication tasks within the scope of university extension projects;
    • Support and implement principles of citizen science, seeking to involve the non-academic public in scientific research, both locally and globally.

Drawing upon a wide range of ongoing initiatives, CODA will work towards aligning with specific UN Sustainable Development Goals and Targets:

  • Goal 4: Expand the transformative power of education and specialised advanced training towards higher inclusiveness, lifelong learning, and digital literacy, highlighting the importance of socio-historical and cultural diversity.
  • Goal 5: Foster gender studies from a multidisciplinary humanities standpoint, promoting gender equality in science and education, and equal opportunities in all instances.
  • Goal 10: Promote international knowledge transfer on diversity, mobility, permeability, and minority inclusion, illuminating interconnections through wide-reaching research and education.
  • Goal 11: Improve community awareness of sustainability issues, engaging scientific research and outputs with social concerns, towards increased well-being, job creation, creative cities, and higher technological accessibility.
  • Goal 17: Embrace wider interdisciplinary collaborations within the University of Porto, beyond the social sciences and humanities, with a strong focus on digital methods and technologies; seeking external partners equally focused on sustainable development; continuing policy of diverse cooperation with Lusophone and other African and Latin American partners.

Vera Moitinho de Almeida, Ph.D.
vmoitinho [at] letras.up.pt

Diogo Marques, Ph.D.
dmarques [at] letras.up.pt

Luís Trigo, Ph.D.
ltrigo [at] letras.up.pt
Mond. to Frid., 9am - 5:30pm
E-mail: coda@letras.up.pt
Phone: (+351) 226077145 | Ext. 3259
Room: A259
Address: Faculdade de Letras - Universidade do Porto | Faculty of Arts and Humanities - University of Porto
Via Panorâmica s/n, - Torre A, Gabinete 259 | Tower A, Office 259
Postal Code: 4150-564
Location: Porto | Portugal
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