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Department of Communication and Information Sciences

Acronym: DCCI
Person in Charge: António Rosa

The Department of Communication and Information Sciences (DJCC, formerly DJCC - Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences), despite its statutory creation in 2003, has only gathered the conditions for effectuation as such when the former Statutes of the Faculty became published, in November 20th 2009. Before this, the Autonomous Section of Journalism and Communication Sciences (SAJCC) was functioning, so as to integrate the Journalism and Communication Sciences’ teachers into the Communication Sciences area and to establish goals and specific research techniques. The connection of its teachers and researchers to the Centre of Studies in Technologies and Communication Sciences has allowed a narrow contact with researchers of related areas, which led to a convergence, in 2007, with the teachers from the Information Sciences area in SAJCC.
Currently, teachers’ activity from DCCI allocates in the bachelor in Communication Sciences: Journalism, Public Relations, Multimedia (an adjustment of the Journalism and Communications Science course, created in 2000, to the Bologna program), that is taught, in a partnership, by the Faculties of Arts, Engineering, Economy and Fine Arts, as well as in the bachelor in Information Science (created in 2001 and also suited to Bologna), who also belongs to the Faculties of Arts and Engineering. In the Master programs, the DJCC has a responsibility over the Master’s degree in Communication Sciences, taught in a partnership with the Faculty of  Economy, and over the Master’s degree in Communication and Management of Creative Industries, and it is partner with the Master’s degree in Information Science, with administrative responsibility of the Faculty of Engineering. Regarding PhD programs, DCCI teaches, in a partnership with the University of Aveiro, the PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms, and it is partner with the PHD in Digital Media, with administrative responsibility of the Faculty of Engineering. 

As for its research activities, most members of DCCI integrate the I&D unit CIC.Digital Porto, where they develop several research projects and other scientific and cultural activities, such as the organization of congresses, seminars, workshops, etc..


Secretariado dos Departamentos
Horário: 9h30-17h30
Email: secdep@letras.up.pt 
Telefone: 220 427 658 (ext. 3216)
Localização: Piso 2 | Sala 216

E-mail: dcci@letras.up.pt
Phone: +351 226 077 100
Address: Via Panorâmica s/n (TORRE B)
Postal Code: 4150-564
Location: Porto
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