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Transdisciplinary Culture, Space and Memory Research Centre

Acronym: CITCEM Transdisciplinary Culture, Space and Memory Research Centre  - Opens a new window
Person in Charge: Inês Amorim
Transdisciplinary “Culture, Space and Memory” Research Centre (FCT reference: I&D unit 4059) is a nonprofit I&D unit with no legal personality, recognized and financed by the FCT. Its purpose is to promote and to do research in the Social and Human Sciences domains, in accordance with the FCT rules.
CITEM was created in May 15th 2007, gathering together researchers from several origins and from four research units: the History of Spirituality Interuniversity Centre (CIUHE); the Modern History Institute (IHM-UP); the Unit of Archaeology from the University of Minho (NARQ); and the Unit of Literary Studies (NEL). Since January 2019 the unit received researchers from Science of Information, Comunication and Digital Culture scientific areas.

The unit’s foster institution is the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto . It is composed by almost two hunderd researchers of different scientific areas, such as History, Cultural and Literary Studies, Archaeology, History of Art, Historical Demography, Information Sciences, Comunication Sciences, Anthropology, Museology, Architecture, Geography, organized into eight research groups and five research lines.

CITEM’s general goals are: a) to develop research projects in the several thematics included in its research areas; b) to develop scientific exchange and cooperation with national and foreign counterpart institutions; c) to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue and accomplishing multidisciplinary studies in its research areas; d) to ensure the works’ disclosure to the academic community and to the public in general, through the organization of seminars, conferences, lectures, education courses and/or publications in monographic or series editions; e) to incentive research and to support students’ activities, particularly of the post-graduate students, integrating them in their scientific areas; f) to promote cultural extension actions, seeking territory, culture and heritage’s valorization.

E-mail: citcem@letras.up.pt
Phone: Geral: 226 077 177
Address: Via Panorãmica, s/n | 4150-564 - Porto
Torre A | Piso 0 | Gabinete 113

Secretariado: Bruna Lobo, Estefânia Lopes, Eunice Leite e Sandra Melo
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