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Class enrolment (1st cycle)

Class enrolment

Deadline - enrolment 2nd semester 2023/2024

START DATE: 29 JANUARY 2024 | ENROLMENT HERE: http://sigarra.up.pt/flup/en/it_geral.ver_insc

From 11.00 am: All undergraduate (1st cycle) degrees, except:
From 2.30 pm: Language Sciences | Portuguese Studies | Applied Languages | Languages and International Relations | Languages, Literatures and Cultures.


  • Consult in advance the timetable associated with each subject, associated to each subject form on the right-hand menu, under the option "Schedule".
  • If you make any change to your class enrolment, then you will have to enrol again in the specific class module, even if there is only one module option.
  • It is mandatory to indicate the specific class module of all the subjects in which you are enrolled. 
  • If you are missing any subject, choose the option "Select Curricular Units" on the right-hand menu and validate the Curricular Units to enrol in the specific class module or group.
  • Read carefully the notes that may eventually appear at the top of the enrolment page.
  • WARNING: Due to the large number of students in the first hours of class enrolment, submission errors may occur due to system overload. The Logistics Unit will not enrol students in classes which are already full for this reason.


  What is the criteria for allocation of students to classes?
Students are allocated on a first come, first served basis, as long as there are places available.

  In which classes can I enrol?
Students may only enrol in class modules of the subjects in which they are registered;

  How do I enrol in the class of a subject belonging to another degree?
Any student enrolling in a subject belonging to another degree must access the respective degree and enrol in the intended class module. Let's take as an example an Art History student enrolled in a subject of EP (Portuguese Studies degree), example EPXXX. You will have to click on the EP degree and enrol in the class you want to attend.

  Why can't I enrol in classes of the subjects classified as "conditional" status?
The enrolment in optional subjects may have a "conditional" status, and in these cases, the system does not allow the enrolment in these specific class modules, until the enrolment is validated by the Academic Management Service. You should wait approximately 24 hours, and if the situation persists, you should send an email to the Academic Management Service (sga@letras.up.pt), asking for the validation of the enrolment in the subject in question.

   How can I confirm my class enrolment and see my schedule?
As soon as you "submit" your final class enrolment your timetable is immediately assigned. You can check your timetable, through your personal area > select "view information in the context of the course" (magnifier +) > right-hand menu, under the option "Timetable".

For other questions, please contact the Facility Management Office by email ul@letras.up.pt

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