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  • enjoy full immersion in the portuguese language, history and culture

  • enjoy your free time

  • enjoy our Faculty

  • enjoy Porto´s cityscape

  • enjoy Porto´s cityscape night

  • enjoy our food

  • enjoy Porto´s unique buildings

Summer Courses

Spend your summer learning at one of the best Universities in Portugal, and living in the heart of the European Best Destination 2017!

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto is a higher education school dedicated to teaching, research and cultural production in the areas of Social and Human Sciences, Philosophy, Languages, and the Humanities in general. Working in a spirit of public service, FLUP’s mission is to contribute to scientific, cultural as well as social and economic development both within Portugal and abroad.

Since 2017, FLUP has been organizing summer courses to welcome students from other universities during the summer months. We’ll help you make the most of your summer in Porto thanks to a balanced combination of classes, extra-curricular activities and one-day trips to the main towns in the North and Centre of Portugal.

Enjoy a full-immersion experience in Portuguese language, history and culture, while interacting with local communities.

Contact us: summercourses@letras.up.pt

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