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R&D + Innovation - Students

FEUP has an area of expertise in R&D and Innovation, giving rigorous support to research and technological development, and promoting the participation of the wider scientific community in its projects, programs and networks, both national and international. The faculty’s R&D division also promotes innovation by exploiting the knowledge produced at FEUP and its transfer to the business sector, both by supporting the protection of intellectual property and its respective commercial exploitation, and by supporting the establishment of technology-based companies.

Initiatives / Projects

From undergraduate level, FEUP gives students the opportunity to participate in research, innovation and entrepreneurship projects. The LIDERA projects and the Start-Up Programme are just some examples of such initiatives, but there are many more.

Projetos Lidera

LIDERA projects are multidisciplinary projects led by students in order to develop their capacity for critically analysing reality; identifying, assessing and formulating problems; practically applying theory in real ideas; and for entrepreneurship. There have been countless successful LIDERA projects, many of which have even won awards for their scientific and commercial application

Start-Up Programme @ UP

The Start-up Programme is a partnership between the Portugal Junior Achievement Association - Learning Entrepreneurship and the University of Porto, along with other Portuguese higher learning institutions, which aims to bring university students closer to the real world of business by offering them training in entrepreneurship, through the creation of a business plan to launch a new company with an innovative product or service.

At the University of Porto this program has operated predominantly as an extracurricular scheme, bringing together students from different courses and academic institutions in order to form multidisciplinary business building teams. The program runs during the academic year, and the teams can rely on the support of (volunteer) teachers from the University of Porto and staff from Millennium BCP (which sponsors the program).


FEUP's strategy involves enhancing knowledge through investment in R&D activity, recognising the essential role it plays in the advancement and progress of social and economic well-being among people and organisations.

Research provides support for high-quality teaching and still has a key role in FEUP´s development, as the faculty seeks to maintain a leading position, both nationally and internationally.

Altogether there are more than 20 centres and research units contributing towards the development of science and business in Portugal and the wider world.

FEUP’s R&D operation is involved in the following fields of activity:

  • Protection of Intellectual Property

  • Supporting (in collaboration with UPIN – University of Porto Innovation) activity concerning Intellectual Property, by scrutinizing the results of R & D and disseminating them in the FEUP Technology Portfolio while promoting, in collaboration with UPIN, technology transfer through the commercialization of FEUP’s R&D.

  • Publication of Research Grants

  • Ensuring the publication of FEUP’s Research Grants on the Eracareers platform as well as disseminating them on the FEUP Website

  • Support for the creation of technology-based companies (spin-offs

  • Supporting the creation of academic spin-offs through the dissemination of programs to encourage business creation and providing contacts for consulting firms, venture capital and business angels, who lend support to the establishment of new businesses as well as business incubators and Science and Technology Parks.

  • Matching supply and demand for R&D services

  • Assisting companies to identify services that can be requested from FEUP, and serving as an intermediary between supply and demand. Helping to establish specific cooperation protocols / provision of services in the area of R&D by making available models and supporting their implementation.

  • Supporting funding applications for R&D projects

  • FEUP’s R&D operation plays an intermediary role between the university and institutions promoting funding in R&D and Innovation activities. It surveys and discloses funding opportunities, and provides support in the preparation of applications and contractual negotiation. After funding agreements have been signed, projects are registered in SIFEUP’s R&D project database and FEUP promotes the dissemination and exploitation of results obtained.

  • Promoting FEUP’s participation in knowledge and innovation networks

  • The R&D division undertakes to promote FEUP researchers’ activities in scientific production, development and innovation, through the organization of R&D-related events and visits, promoting the participation of FEUP in knowledge and innovation networks.

Seminars and Conferences

A huge number of seminars, workshops and conferences are held annually at FEUP, in many of which students are invited to participate. For more information about forthcoming events, please consult the news section of the website www.fe.up.pt.

Intellectual Property at FEUP

In accordance with its Intellectual Property Regulations, the University of Porto holds the industrial property rights pertaining to inventions and other creations designed and produced in whole or in part with the use of its facilities and resources, by persons with or without contractual ties to the University, including students from any cycle, regardless of funding entity.

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