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Sandra Melo

Fotografia de Sandra Maria de Brito Monteiro de Melo
Name: Sandra Maria de Brito Monteiro de Melo
Sigla: SM
Estado: Non active
Email Institucional: sbmelo@fe.up.pt
Telf.Alt.: 962 639 556


Data de Fim: 26-06-2013
Vínculo: Outras Colabs. -> Colaborador externo
Department: Department of Civil Engineering

Apresentação Pessoal

Sandra Melo has been focused on urban freight transport and green logistics on the transport planning field. She has completed her PhD at FEUP, Portugal, in the group of Professor Álvaro Costa, investigating the influence of the power of the local context on the performance of urban goods distribution ‘best practices’ towards a more sustainable mobility, considering public and private (freight and passenger) transport.

Sandra has coordinated projects on transports planning and land use analysis, both for academic and industry partners on a wide range of topics such as city logistics, shared-mobility, strategic environmental assessment, airport performance, microscopic traffic and pedestrian modeling, transport and logistics infrastructures location and urban and regional planning. On those topics, she has also been involved on the co-supervision and examination of graduate students. She has written over 20 publications for books, technical and scientific magazines and online resources and has been awarded by her proposal for the ‘Future of Urban Goods Distribution’ by AMTC.

Recently, she has redefined her professional area of interest, moving to DTEA group at IDMEC_IST, where she has been investigating effects of integrating new modes, services and systems of transports in urban areas (for instance, the socio-economic effects of implementing a car sharing network in a medium size city).

She has been a member of several scientific international committees related to transportation, addressing transport and urban planning. She has also been active in several organizations, such as the Portuguese Transport Studies Group, a group devoted to gather academic contributions on transportation and related fields from Portuguese universities and research centers. 

Senior Researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal at IDMEC - IST

Contacto telefonico directo: 224 083 986 
Email: sandra.melo@tecnico.ulisboa.pt

Áreas de Interesse

  1. Technological sciences > Engineering > Civil engineering > Infrastructures engineering
  2. Technological sciences > Technology > Transport technology > Road transport technology
  3. Social sciences > Economics > Transport economics
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