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José Fernando Oliveira

Fotografia de José Fernando da Costa Oliveira
Name: José Fernando da Costa Oliveira Ligação à página pessoal de José Fernando da Costa Oliveira
Sigla: JFO
Estado: Active
Email Institucional: jfo@fe.up.pt
Telf.Alt.: 220413372, 220414566
Voip: 3372
Extensão Telefónica: 3372, 4566
Salas: L219 , I211


Categoria: Professor Catedrático
Carreira: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional Group: Docente
Department: Department of Industrial Engineering and Management


Cargo Data de Início
Member of the Scientific Board 2023-05-31
Member of the Evaluation Coordinating Committee 2023-01-02
Department Director Departamento de Engenharia e Gestão Industrial 2023-02-01
Chairman of the Department Council Departamento de Engenharia e Gestão Industrial 2023-02-01
Member of the Department Council Departamento de Engenharia e Gestão Industrial 2022-11-29
Chairman of the Department Executive Committee Departamento de Engenharia e Gestão Industrial 2023-02-01
Member of the Scientific Committee Programa Doutoral em Engenharia e Gestão Industrial 2023-04-06
Docente Responsável de Curso de Educação contínua Competências transversais para a engenharia: formação pedagógica 2014-11-20

Apresentação Pessoal

My main area of scientific activity is Operations Research and Management Science. Within Operations Research my main application area are the Cutting and Packing Problems, while from the techniques viewpoint my research is centered in the use and development of Metaheuristics approaches and their hybridization with Mathematical Programming based methods.

Cutting and Packing problems are hard combinatorial optimization problems that arise under several practical contexts, whenever big pieces of raw-material have to be cut into smaller items, or small items have to be packed inside a larger container, so that waste is minimized. These problems include hard geometric constraints when dealing with the optimization layer.

I have also worked on Vehicle Routing Problem, especially in the integration of route definition with the container loading problem. My research on Lotsizing and Scheduling problems in industrial contexts mainly builds on my expertise on Metaheuristics and optimization. 

I have been giving special attention in the last years to several problems arising in the Transportation sector, in particular, freight transportation. Therefore, new frameworks to assess and enforce cargo stability, both static and dynamic, weight distribution and other relevant goals in road transportation, have been developed, implemented and tested. Another important line of research is related to the car rental industry, where the integration of pricing and capacity planning decisions has been approached, under a revenue management framework. 

I have worked also on the use of the quantitative methods, provided by Operations Research and Management Science, to support decision making in Higher Education institutions management, which includes workload models, sustainability, institutional benchmarking and assessment and evaluation of institutions and teaching staff.

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Categoria: Membro Integrado
Research and Development Centre: INESC TEC - INESC Tecnologia e Ciência
Interface Institute: Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência
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