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Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship


Our Value Proposition

This programme promotes an integrated training of managers and entrepreneurs through a practical training (hands-on-approach). It is based on solid theoretical concepts and on a permanent and professional supervision, which enable the development of skills and knowledge in order to produce an efficient knowledge and innovation management in new businesses. These high potential new businesses may be developed in existing companies or by starting new companies.

This programme offers:
i) integrated training in the processes of innovation and commercialisation of technology;
ii) the promotion of creation of technology-based businesses;
iii) privileged access to the available technology at the University of Porto to start a business;
iv) student orientation based on real cases, during the whole process of starting new businesses;
v) the support of experienced professors and businessmen in the start of a Portuguese or international business;
vi) the integration of diverse valences and competences in multidisciplinary teams.

NEWS | COTEC MUDA Dissertation Competition 2015 (April 2016) - MIETE got 3 ranked among the TOP 10 out of 75 dissertations in the competition. The dissertation by Poliana Pires (MIETE2013/15), although not the winner, was ranked among the TOP 3 (more information here).




The brochure with complete MIETE syllabus 
for the edition 2014/16 is now available.
Download brochure of the new study plan
Mind that this study plan is still waiting registration.

Further information, in English, about this 2nd Cycle and about applications to this programme:

- at our Homepage:http://www.fe.up.pt/miete

- at our blog, the MIETE-BLOG: http://paginas.fe.up.pt/miete/blog/

information for Foreign Students

Before you leave to Porto

MIETE Advisory Board

Resources for Students

Tuition Fees


Applications for 2014/16 are now OPEN:

  • Mind that MIETE Course Language is English.
  • Submit your application here (in this link one may also find application submission deadlines and raking criteria).

MIETE Timetable

MIETE Timetable changes very little from one year to the other. Please use this one as reference. Mind that this timetable does not comprise the optional courses that you will have to choose.



João José Pinto Ferreira
Electronic mail: miete@fe.up.pt
Phone: + 351 22 508 14 00
Phone (direct line): + 351 22 508 16 97
Mobile: + 351 91 707 22 50
VIBER (Free Calls):  +351 91 707 22 50 (from 9h00 to 19h30 in Portugal  - depending on INTERNET access)

Dados Gerais

Código Oficial: 6175
Director: João José Pinto Ferreira
Assistant Director: Aurora Teixeira
Acronym: MIET
Academic Degree: Master
Tipo de curso/ciclo de estudos: Masters Degree
Start: 2005/2006
Duration: 2 Years

Study Plan

Unidades Orgânicas Envolvidas


  • Master Programme in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialization in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (78 ECTS credits)

Áreas Científicas Predominantes

Cursos/Ciclos de Estudos Antecessores

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