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Master in Software Engineering

InformationCourse/CS accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES).
The Master of Science in Software Engineering (MESW) aims at providing advanced, professional and scientific training, devised for professionals seeking to update their skills, as well as to acquire new, state-of-the-art knowledge in Software Engineering.

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The mains aim of MESW is to promote the excellence in professional qualification in both core and advanced Software Engineering topics, from its theoretical foundations to integrating software technologies inside organisations.

Fields of Specialization

MESW study plan covers the following areas:
  • Software Engineering fundamentals and paradigms;
  • Software specification, design and construction;
  • Security issues in Software Engineering;
  • Software understanding, evolution, testing and verification and validation.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in Software Engineering.

Professional Abilities

MESW graduates become indispensable professionals to the software industry, coping with size, complexity and market needs and constraints. They are professionals able to be on top of the technical hierarchy of the global software industry.

MESW learning objectives are upheld by its modules and verified through analysis of the academic path taken by its students. Its definition takes as a reference the profile required for professionals, who are capable of applying a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach, leading to the development, operation and maintenance of a software system that meets the functional requirements and quality attributes. Graduates should therefore be able to:
  • Efficiently develop quality software within a project team;
  • Detect and manage requirements conflicts, and devise solutions that balance cost, time, knowledge and organisational constraints;
  • Design and create software engineering solutions, considering ethical, social, legal, economical and technological constraints;
  • Understand and give value to feasibility assessment, negotiation, efficient working habits, leadership, communication skills and lifelong learning;
  • Learn new models, techniques and technologies of software development;
  • Promote organisational change by identifying caveats in the software development technology and suggesting improvements;
  • Coordinate software engineering teams throughout the software development process.

Employment Prospects

The MESW curriculum is anchored in real world problem solving, through team based software development projects, based on a "learn-by-doing" philosophy. Consequently, MESW provides the industry with highly trained, specialised professionals capable of leading and managing large and complex software engineering projects, guaranteeing high quality standards.



Office hours: Monday – Friday | 10:00am - 12:00am / 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Office number: I 012 A

Email:   mesw@fe.up.pt

Telephone +351 22 5082134| +351 22 0413905

General information

Official Code: 6295
Director: João Carlos Pascoal Faria
Assistant Director: Nuno Flores
Acronym: MESW
Academic Degree: Master
Type of course/cycle of study: Masters Degree
Start: 2016/2017
Duration: 2 Years

Study Plan


  • Master in Software Engineering (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialization in Software Engineering (72 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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