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Doctoral Program in Environmental Engineering

The Doctoral Program in Environmental Engineering emphasizes a multidisciplinary advanced and comprehensive approach to the diagnosis, prevention and resolution of environmental problems of any kind. The students will develop their thesis research in any of the departments at FEUP since the first year, under the orientation of a supervisor. The research in the program focus on fundamental understanding of the basic chemical, physical, biological and technological processes underlying environmental engineering problems.

Areas of research specialization include, in a non-exhaustive list, the phenomenological understanding of any kind of physical, chemical or biological processes that affect the quality of any environmental compartment (surface water or groundwater, surface, atmosphere and biota) or respective sub-compartment, as well as the introduction of new industrial practices (green engineering, environmental nanotechnology, industrial ecology) or the problems of sanitation and water supply in addition to the study of relationships between public health, engineering and sustainability.

Who can apply

  • Holders of a Master's degree or legal equivalent in Environmental Engineering or related area;
  • Holders of a Bachelor's degree with a relevant academic or scientific curriculum within the area recognized by the Scientific Committee as attesting to their ability to attend this cycle of studies;
  • Those with an academic, scientific or professional curriculum within the area recognized by the Scientific Committee as attesting to their ability to attend this cycle of studies.

Ranking Criteria:

  1. Na In Phase 1, only applicants with application grades higher than 14 (out of 20)* will be ranked. They must also provide documentary evidence proving they have the qualifications necessary to apply. Alternate candidates and applicants who do not meet Phase 1 requirements will be automatically transferred to Phase 2.
  2. Candidates who have completed or are expected to complete the programme before the applications deadline*, will be accepted in subsequent phases. If they cannot obtain the Graduation Certificate, a Declaration of Honour stating they have completed the necessary qualifications required must be produced. The registration will only be considered valid upon presentation of the Graduation Certificate.

Tuition Fees: 3000¤



General information

Official Code: 5133
Director: Adrián Silva
Assistant Director: Arminda Alves
Acronym: PDEA
Academic Degree: Doctor
Type of course/cycle of study: Doctoral Degree
Start: 2008/2009
Duration: 3 Years

Study Plan


  • Doctorate in Environmental Engineering (180 ECTS credits)
  • Advanced Studies (3rd cycle) in Environmental Engineering (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

Previous Courses/Cycles of Study

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