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For those students seeking accommodation in the city of Porto, there are essentially two types of solution:

  • Accommodation in university hall of residence
  • Accommodation in a flat

NOTE: UP's International Office (not us, the Faculty) manages accommodation in the University Halls of Residence. Regarding private accomodation, its management is external to the University so we cannot assume any responsibility in the allocation of this type of accommodation.

Accommodation in a university hall of residence

The Social Services of the University of Porto (SASUP) provide, in the university’s three poles, nine halls of residence with capacity for 1216 students.

The halls of residence are intended for students attending a course at the University of Porto and who, for socio-economic reasons, or problems of distance or transport, cannot live at home and need support with accommodation so that they can continue studying. Priority in the allotment of accommodation is given to scholarship students.

Every year there is a limited number of rooms available for students. As this number is much smaller than the number of requests, SASUP cannot guarantee allotting places for all concerned.

There are six halls of residence available to foreign students:

  • Campo Alegre – Rua do Campo Alegre, 1395
  • Paranhos – Rua Dr. Manuel Pereira da Silva
  • Bandeirinha – Rua da Bandeirinha, 66
  • Alberto Amaral – Rua de D. Pedro V, 223
  • Campo Alegre, Pólo III – Post-graduate students – Rua do Campo Alegre
  • José Novais Barbosa – Rua da Pena, s/n

All students who request accommodation in university halls of residence receive information regarding the status of their request. Orders are processed in order of arrival, so the first to arrive will be given priority.

Foreign students who are allocated to a university hall of residence should keep the International Office (SRI) informed of the date and time of their arrival. Places are reserved each year for students from other institutions of higher education who are attending the University of Porto under mobility programs and protocols.

For more information contact alojamento@sas.up.pt - Social Services of the University of Porto – SASUP.

Accommodation in a flat

It is very common to rent an apartment and share it with other students. It is seen by many students to be a more convenient solution than accommodation in halls of residence, as it allows for greater freedom and flexibility, particularly with regard to schedules. It is easy to find houses for rent throughout the city, and prices vary according to location or conditions offered. Students are normally asked to pay two months’ rent in advance.

There are several ways to look for a flat:

  • strategic locations including notice boards at the university poles, or in shopping malls, cafés, newsagents, etc
  • newspaper advertisements
  • websites such as:
  • UniPlaces - Use the promo code FEUP to get 10% discount on service charges.
  • Sapo Casas
  • Wimdu
  • Flat in Porto
As the interest in student accommodation escalates, private companies have established themselves in Porto with a high number of rooms for rent in the short and long term. In 2019 800 new beds will be available for renting in the Asprela District, where the Faculty of Engineering is located. Some private companies currently operating are:

    Livensa Living - 30% off on the registration fee for FEUP students; this company also promotes scholarships – see all information here
    The Barons Residence and The Gallery Residence - No reservation fee. 10% discount on tuition fees throughout the year for FEUP students. Tuition includes: Personal Coach Service, access to U-Qualify content, access to all in-house events, free photocopies (50 per month A4 format b/w), access to all common areas, high-speed internet , water and energy and weekly cleaning. Residences by U-World provide a covid-free protocol as a safeguard for the safety of residents.
    Almada 234 (website soon available) - No booking fee. 15% discount on the best available rate (referred to as BAR - Best available Rate)

While looking for the ideal place to live, there are several hostels in Porto where you can stay. Visit this website for more information.

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