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Being a FEUP Student

FEUP is an institution governed by the highest standards of quality in education, and actively seeks the best candidates from both home and abroad to fulfil its mission to produce trained engineering professionals, able to compete in the global labour market and be agents of change in business.

What we expect

The core skills we look for in our candidates and hope to find in our graduates are as follows:


The academic world is full of challenges and opportunities awaiting those with a restless and daring spirit.

We value entrepreneurship and offer practical opportunities to participate in extra-curricular research projects.


In a global society, innovation is the key to success and creativity the engine of change that has advanced the present world.

We look to give all students the experience of innovation and seek to create the conditions to exploit the results of research undertaken.

Team Spirit

Team spirit is vital in Engineering, without which there would be no bridges, cars or computers.

We promote multi-disciplinary, project-based education and from day one we expect all students to participate in group work in a spirit of cooperation.


Engineers often play a key role in development and are called to act with intellectual integrity and a sense of responsibility.

We seek to produce competent leaders and professionals, with the ethical, cultural and social values and skills necessary to build a better world.

Our Commitment

We are aware that, in addition to the technical-scientific rigour and quality of the education offered by FEUP, we must also provide the necessary conditions to acquire the desired skills and exploit them in the labour market.

The commitment we make to our students is based on the following:

Group Spirit

A graduate of FEUP joins a wide community of former students who see themselves as peers and help each other accordingly.

FEUP nurtures and supports all initiatives aimed at strengthening these social networks by providing financial, logistic or communicational aid to alumni associations, by organizing meetings, visits and other events, and by giving its graduates the opportunity to use the Faculty’s resources.

Orientation and Integration

Orientation and Integration of our students is a priority, and the aim of the Orientation and Integration service is to promote their personal and academic well-being. In order to support and accompany our students during their academic life, we have developed a series of activities:

  • individual psychological consultation;
  • counselling;
  • social support;
  • support for students with special educational needs.

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Professional integration and Career Management Support

Social recognition of the engineering profession and the competitiveness of our graduates have ensured a high rate of employability upon graduation and an increasing international placement of our students.

Through the Career Path (a programme of skills development, recruitment and career) FEUP assists students and recent graduates in their professional integration as well as providing its alumni with support in career management. The programme runs orientation sessions and vocational counseling, provides a job exchenage, publicizes and promotes professional internships, both nationally and internationally, and organizes various workshops to develop soft skills. It also promotes a number of events, inclding the Career Fair, which facilitates contact between companies and students, recent graduates and alumni.

e-mail: emprego@fe.up.pt

Entrepreneurship Support

FEUP incutes in its sudents entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to set up their own business, by promoting a series of initiatives in this area integrated in FEUP Career Path. The highlight of this programme is PSZ Empreende - an initiative resulting from FEUP's partnership with JuniFEUP and the company PSZ Consulting, which provides consulting sessions in the field of entrepreneurship (evaluation of business ideas, diagnosis of entrepreneurial capability, preparation of business plans and access to support and incentives for strat-ups).

e-mail: empresas@fe.up.pt

Knowledge for the Future

Continuous developments in science and technology require current engineering professionals to keep up a demanding pace of learning throughout their career.

Accordingly, FEUP offers graduates appropriate continuing education courses, on preferential terms, and places its computational resources and scientific-technical information at the disposal of all its former students.

Academic Life

Students of the Faculty of Engineering have many opportunities to balance intensive study with a wide range of extra-curricular activities of a cultural, sporting or recreational nature.

They also have access to several activities promoted by FEUP Students’ Association, by the Porto Academic Federation, which organizes the Queima das Fitas academic festival, and by the University of Porto’s Sports Office.

There are several other groups that organize extra-curricular activities, as well as academic clubs and societies to suit everyone.

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