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Periods of Limitation



The regime of periods of limitation of the University of Porto, made compulsory by Law No. 37/2003, is set forth in the Regulation on periods of limitation for cycles of studies at the University of Porto (only available in Portuguese) and entered into force in the academic year 2007/2008, without retroactive effect (resolution from the 57th meeting of the Permanent Section of the Senate on 13/06/2007, item 7).


Conditions of periods of limitation

    • The first two years are not subject to periods of limitation, regardless of the type of admission (initial, readmission, change of course or transfer).
    • After that period, in order to avoid being time-barred, students must accumulate a minimum of 60 ECTS in the first 3 years of registration. However, if they only accumulate 60 ECTS, they must complete at least 50 ECTS per year in the following years of the cycle of studies.
    • When the year of the period of limitation has elapsed, students may apply for readmission, but once only.
    • For part-time students (regime "equivalent to student worker") the above-mentioned minimum values are reduced by 50%.
    • For students who only have some registrations under a regime "equivalent to student worker", the number (ca*) of ECTS credits required to avoid being time-barred will be proportional to the number of years of registration as "equivalent to student worker" (iTE), in accordance with the following formula:
  • Those with student worker status are exempt from periods of limitation (Order No. GR.08/02/2010).
  • The path for periods of limitation of the various cycles of studies at the University of Porto are indicated in the following figure:

The following table indicates the conditions of periods of limitation for students registered under the ordinary regime. It should be read as follows: a student who after “n” registrations has not completed their cycle of studies nor obtained “c” ECTS credits will be time-barred.

Number of registrations

Minimum total of ECTS credits to avoid being time-barred

3 60
4 110
5 160
6 210
7 260
8 310
9 360

Obs.: Students who are at risk of being time-barred can check their situation on their personal page [select the option “Situação de Prescrição” (Periods of Limitation)].


Special regime of periods of limitation

In accordance with Order No. GR.08/02/2010 issued by the Rector, in addition to the provisions of Article 1(3) of the Regulation on periods of limitation (student workers and students who choose the part-time regime), the following are covered by a special regime of periods of limitation:

  1. Students who present a medical certificate attesting that they have a severe disability which determines incapacity or a potentially incapacitating disease without perspective of complete remission which affects their quality of life on a physical, mental, emotional, social and economic level, potentially causing early disability or a significant reduction in life expectancy will benefit from the regime of periods of limitation that applies to part-time students;
  2. Students who present a parental leave, only half registration will be taken into account for that year;
  3. Students who present a medical certificate attesting that they have a serious disease, a long-term disease or an infectious contagious disease which affects their academic performance, due to an inability to attend classes for over three months, can cancel their registration or, if they remain registered, count half registration per each period of six months in this situation.

In accordance with the same order, those with student worker status are exempt from periods of limitation.


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