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João Peças Lopes

Fotografia de João Abel Peças Lopes
Name: João Abel Peças Lopes Link to the personal page of João Abel Peças Lopes
Acronym: JPL
Status: Active
ORCID http://orcid.org/0000-0001-7638-1522
Telephone: 22 508 1579
Telephone: 222094049
Voip: 3387
Telephone Extension: 3387
Rooms: S4.24 , J309


Category: Professor Catedrático
Career: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional Group: Docente
Department: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Position Beginning date
Member of the Department Council Departamento de Engenharia Eletrotécnica e de Computadores 2014-11-20
Member of the Scientific Committee Estudos Avançados em Sistemas Sustentáveis de Energia 2014-06-18
Member of the Scientific Committee Programa Doutoral em Sistemas Sustentáveis de Energia 2015-05-06

Personal Presentation

João A. Peças Lopes (PhD) is Full Professor (Professor Catedrático) at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University, where he teaches in the graduation and post-graduation areas.

He is Associate Director of INESC TEC, an R&D private non-profit organization recognized as Associate Laboratory by the Ministry of Science and with the University of Porto as the main associate.

He is Chair of the Scientific Council of EnergyIn.

He is since 2012 Chair of REN award committee.

He is Vice-Presidente of the board of the Portuguese Association for Electric Vehicles.

He is Vice-Chair of the International Steering Committee of the IEEE Power Tech.

He is member of the Consulting Board of Agência de Energia do Porto (Porto Energy Agency).

Prof. Peças Lopes is an IEEE Fellow
He is member of the Power Systems Dynamic Performance Committee of the IEEE PES.

He is member of the Scientific Council of FCT.

Prof. Peças Lopes was for more than 9 years Director/Member of the Board of INESC TEC.

He was for 7 Director of the Sustainable Energy Systems PhD program at FEUP and Director of Advanced course on Sustainable Energy Systems also at FEUP.


Prof. Peças Lopes was responsible by INESC Porto activities in several EU financed research projects, namely the project - MICROGRIDS - Large Scale Integration of Micro Generation to Low Voltage Grids  and MORE_MICROGRIDS -  Advanced Architectures and Control Concepts for More Microgrids and scientif coordinator of the project MERGE - Mobile Energy Resources for Grids of Electricity.

He supervised several consulting projects related with the impact analysis of the connection of wind parks in the electrical grids of Madeira, Azores,  Sal, S. Vicente and S. Tiago, in the Republic of Cabo Verde. He was the responsible for several consultancy projects related with the electrical grid impact resulting from the connection of large wind parks in Portugal.

He was also responsible for the definition of technical rules for the integration of wind power in Brazil. He coordinated also consultancy studies for the Hungarian Regulator regarding the evaluation of the integration of wind power in Hungary. He coordinates the participation of INESC Porto in the InovGrid project.

He was also the Chair of the Selection Committee of the public tender that decided about the integration of 1800 MW of wind generation in Portugal, launched by the Portuguese government in 2005.

He was member of the Executive board of the EES/UETP consortium and Chair of its course program committee.

He has served as research project evaluator for the European Commission and for governmental science organizations in Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Finland, Danemark and Ireland.

He was for more than 4 years one of the coordinators of INESC Porto Power System Unit.

He is co-editor of the (SEGAN) Sustainable Energy Grids and Networks journal.

He is co-author or more than 400 publications and co-editor of the book "Electric Vehicles Integration into Modern Power Networks" from Springer. This book was one of the the top 50% most downloaded eBooks  from Springer. He supervised also 25 PhD Thesis In Portugal and abroad.

His main domains of research are presently related with large scale integration of renewable power sources in power systems (namely wind generation), power system dynamics, microgrids, smartmetering and integration of electric vehicles in electrical grids.

In 2012 he received the CIGRE Technical Committee Award in recogmition of his outstanding contribution to the work of the Study Committee C6 – Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation.


Category: Membro Integrado
Research and Development Centre: INESC TEC - INESC Tecnologia e Ciência
Interface Institute: Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência
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