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Other Higher Education Courses - 2021/2022

Available courses

Undergraduate degree


The following may apply:

- Holders of Bachelor, Licenciado, Master or Doctoral degree awarded by Portuguese Higher Education;

- Holders of a foreign Higher Education degree, provided the degree is duly recognized so as to produce the same effects as the Portuguese degrees.

Applicants covered by the international student status, in accordance with Article 3 of Decree-Law No. 62/2018, of 6th August (only available in Portuguese), and Article 1 of Regulation 664/2018, of 16th October - Implementing regulation of the international student status at the University of Porto, cannot apply under this regime.

- For the Bachelor in Electrical and Computers Engineering (L.EEC) only applicants who have obtained approval in “Mathematics A” (or homologous subject) in the secondary education will be admitted.

- For the Bachelor in Informatics and Computing Engineering (L.EIC), only applicants with a final grade equal to, or higher than, 13 (out of 20) in their degree will be admitted.

Tuition fees:

Information on tuition fees for 2021/2022 available here.

Numerus Clausus

Programmes/Cycle of Studies Phase Numerus Clausus Curricular year
Bachelor in Bioengineering 1 2
Bachelor in Chemical Engineering 1 4
Bachelor in Civil Engineering 1 5
Bachelor in Electrical and Computer Engineering 1 10
Bachelor in Environmental Engineering 1 2
Bachelor in Informatics and Computing Engineering 1 10
Bachelor in Materials Engineering 1 1
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering 1 2
Bachelor in Mining and Geo-Environmental Engineering 1 1
Cycle of Studies Places
Bachelor in Mining and Geo-Environmental Engineering (L.EMG) 1
Bachelor in Bioengineering (L.BIO) 2
Bachelor in Civil Engineering (L.EC) 5
Bachelor in Environmental Engineering (L.EA) 2
Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Management (L.EGI) 0
Bachelor in Electrical and Computers Engineering (L.EEC) 10
Bachelor in Informatics and Computing Engineering (L.EIC) 10
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (L.EM) 2
Bachelor in Materials Engineering (L.EMAT) 1
Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (L.EQ) 4



Single Phase
From 17th May to 10th August 2021 Submission of applications
3rd September 2021 Posting of final results
From 4th to 24th September 2021 Submission of complaints
Until 1st October 2021 Publication of decision about complaints
From 8th to 20th September 2021 Enrolment (online)
From 22nd September to 4th October 2021 Admission of non-placed applicants*
Until 20th September 2021 Request of credit transfer regarding prior training / work experience
Until 12th October 2021 Publication of credit transfer results
Up to 10 working days after the publication of the credit transfer results Change of the registration in result of the credit transfer process

*The eventual call of non-placed applicants will be made by e-mail sent to the address indicated on the application process. Applicants who are called will have 24 hours to reply and say whether they are interested in the place available. After this deadline, and if there is no reply from the applicant called, this applicant will lose the chance to occupy the place available and the following non-placed applicant in the ranking list will be called.

Ranking Criteria

Ranking Criteria Weighting

- Affinity level of the applicant’s degree(s) determined by the number of ECTS credits that will be recognised in the cycle of studies they are applying for (on a scale from 0 to 200): weight 60%;

- Career path (on a scale from 0 to 200): weight 40%.

Tie-Breaking Criterion

In the event of a tie, priority will be given to applicants whose degree(s) have a higher level of affinity; i.e. with the highest number of ECTS credits subsequently transferred to the students in areas of the cycle of studies they are applying for.

If this criterion is not sufficient, tie break will be done by interview in a date to be determined. The scheduling of the interview will be done by e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application.

Documents Required

  • ID document (Citizen Card /ID Card / Passport) or declaration containing the identification data (mandatory);
  • Graduation certificate regarding a higher education degree (mandatory)*;
    - If you have already graduated but do not have the corresponding certificate yet, you must submit a declaration indicating the completion date and the final grade you expect to obtain, and enrolment will be subject to the presentation of the corresponding certificate within the deadlines indicated;
  • Certificate (Transcript) of the higher education institution listing the curricular units in which you got a passing grade, indicating the regime (semester/year) and the number of credit units/ECTS. (mandatory)*;
  • Curriculum vitae (mandatory);
  • Declaration of honour stating that you do not hold a degree regarding the cycle of studies you intend to apply for (mandatory);
  • Photo (optional).
* U.Porto students can scan and attach the information included in their “Percurso Académico” (Academic Pathway).
Applicants should submit a credit transfer request for this admission regime. If you are admitted and have not made a request for credit transfer during the application process, you should make the request upon enrolment.
The curricular units indicated in Certificate of the higher education institution listing the curricular units in which you got a passing grade, must be considered in the credit transfer process.

Placed applicants who have any pending document in their application process will only be able to enrol after they deliver/send the said document.


Application is subject to the payment of a non-refundable fee of 55 euros.

Procedure to generate ATM references:
1. Click on the button Associar referência MB para pagamento next to the application fee.
2. Confirm the data displayed and click "Atribuir" (Assign) and the associated reference will be automatically generated.
3. Click "Voltar à conta corrente" (Back to current account) to see the reference generated.

Payments from abroad may be made by bank transfer, at payer’s expenses, using the information in the attached document.
Then, you must send proof of the bank transfer to acesso.ingresso@fe.up.pt, with the following data:
- Name of the payer and name of the applicant, address, country, tax identification number and the purpose of the payment (application).

- After the deadline for submitting applications, applicants have 2 additional days to ensure the payment of the corresponding fee, which is required for the application to become effective. After this deadline, any applications regarding which fees have not been paid will be rejected outright.


Procedure for submission of application

  1. Choose the intended cycle of studies/course and access regime (Applications).
  2. Select "Apresentar candidatura" (Submit application). If you are already a student at FEUP, you will have to log in using your student’s username and password. If you are not a student at FEUP, you will be asked to complete a user registration form. The credentials (username and password) will be sent to the email address you specify on that form. For technical reasons, it is not advisable to use Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail addresses.
  3. Fill in the application form and attach the requested documents. Please note that fields in red are mandatory.
  4. Submit your application. If an error is detected (e.g. mandatory fields left blank), the system displays an alert message.
    If the information is successfully submitted, you must check all data entered and either confirm or edit the data.
  5. After confirmation of your application submission you will see information regarding the payment of the corresponding fee with ATM references. For payments made from abroad, please check the information available in the Fees section (see above).
  6. If you have encountered any problems while submitting your application, you must report them to acesso.ingresso@fe.up.pt during the application submission period or on the working day following the deadline for submission.

Procedure for checking the status of your application

  1. Log into the information system with the username and password that you used in your application;
  2. Click on your name;
  3. Select the academic year of the application(s) you submitted;
  4. In the options that appear on the right hand side of the page, select "Candidaturas de Ingresso" (Applications).

Procedure to request credit transfer/recognition

  1. Credit transfer/recognition request is subject to the non-refundable payment of the fees set-out in the  Table of fees of the University of Porto.
  2. If you wish to create a credit transfer request, in the field "You want to make a request for recognition" of the application form, select "Yes".
  3. In the options on the right hand side of the page, under "Reconhecimentos" (Credit transfer), select "Criar/Editar" (Create/Edit) and enter the request.
  4. After creating the credit transfer/recognition request, you must complete and submit the application.

Procedure for enrolment

This procedure will be available through a link on the homepage of FEUP at the beginning of the enrolment period.

Applicable Legislation

Note: The following applicable legislation is only available in Portuguese.

Decree-Law No. 113/2014 of 16th July - Regulates special applications for access and admission to higher education, amended by Decree-Law No. 63/2016, of 13th September (as currently worded in Decree-Law No. 65/2018, of 16th August)

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