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ERASMUS + Internships (Curricular e Extra-curricular)

Master Programme:
  • All students enrolled in the Dissertation/Work Project/Internship class of the 2nd year of Master course.
  • The internship must have a minimum duration of 450 hours and be concluded by April 30 of the current academic year of study.
Formalizing the Internship:
  • The internship must be formalized with Career and Development Service, which will complete all due mediation with the Rectory of the University of Porto. Applicants should request all required forms and procedural information through the following email: careerportal@fep.up.pt.
  • Applicants are responsible for contacting potential internship hosts, as well as resolving all practical issues related with travel and housing (travel, housing, European Health Insurance Card and student visa for the Destination Country [when applicable]).
Other information:
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