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R&D+i Projects/Service Contracts

The U.Porto is a Research University, one of the country's major producers of science in all areas of knowledge, is at the forefront of the most successful Portuguese higher education institutions in boosting national and international projects.
Research at the University is deeply oriented towards the needs of society and the research and innovation strategies regional, national and international.

The strong cooperation of U.Porto's R&D+i with regional, national and international entities is reflected in various projects, with U.Porto's participation or coordination, in essential sectors of the Portuguese economy and in various collaborations and partnerships with external entities in the business sector, in regular support for the management of the city's infrastructures and in participation in training and research programs of international excellence in emerging areas, boosted by a high capacity to attract external funding.

In this area are accessible in aggregate form, regardless of the source of funding, research, development and innovation projects, as well as service contracts involving members of the U.Porto academic community, in progress or already concluded. In addition to the name and members of the institution involved, you can consult the objectives, summary, budget, etc.

Here you can search for R&D+i Projects/Service Contracts of the U.Porto academic community, as well as access the U.Porto Communication Portal.

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