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José Costa Cardoso

Retrato de José Costa Cardoso / Portrait of José Costa Cardoso José Costa Cardoso
Mathematician and teacher

José Pereira da Costa Cardoso, son of businessman Manuel José Pereira da Costa, was born in Porto in October 1831.

He sat his university admission exams at the National High School of Porto and in 1847 he enrolled at the Polytechnic Academy of Porto, where he took the chairs of the 1st and 2nd year of Mathematics, and Physics. He received awards in all the disciplines.
Having left the Academy, he went to the faculties of Mathematics and Philosophy of the University of Coimbra, and continued to receive awards in all disciplines. In 1855, he graduated from both faculties, and in 1857 he received his PhD in Mathematics.

He began working at the University of Coimbra, where he collaborated in the Astronomical Observatory between 1855 and 1861 and taught Mathematics in the 1860s (he was appointed extraordinary substitute teacher in 1861 and ordinary substitute teacher in 1866).
In 1864, the director of the Polytechnic Academy of Porto requested royal permission for him to teach Mathematics on a temporary basis, which was granted by Ordinances of 2 April and 21 October of that year. José Costa Cardoso succeeded teachers António Luís Soares and Joaquim de Azevedo Sousa Vieira da Silva e Albuquerque in the 1st Chair – “Analytical Geometry in the plane and space, Spherical Trigonometry, Superior Algebra" [1877-1878]. Prior to the reform of the Academy, in 1885, he taught the 13th Chair – Mechanics applied to civil construction, and was appointed permanente lecturer by decree of 14 April 1869 and royal writ of 4 April 1872 (he took up office on 21 April of that year). He retired in the academic year 1882-1883.

José Pereira da Costa Cardoso authored "Theses ex adplicata mathesi..."(Conimbricae: Typis Academicis, 1857) and collaborated in "Instituto. Jornal Scientifico e litterario de Coimbra", of the University of Coimbra.
He was the Rector of the National High School of Porto, commissioner to the District of Porto Studies, director of the Negrelos Spinning Company and director of the General Company of Agriculture and Upper Douro Vineyards.
A wealthy man and a Peer of the Realm, he left legacies for charities such as Misericórdia do Porto, contributing to the Foundation of an asylum for the blind and for the conservation of an infirmary for the treatment of tuberculosis.

He died in Porto in 1886.
(Universidade Digital / Gestão de Informação, 2012)

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