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Ombudsman of the U.Porto - Complaints and Claims

Although this may not be priority information, knowing what happens to complaints or claims received by the Ombudsman seems relevant.

Preliminary assessment of complaints or claims

The preliminary assessment of complaints or claims by the Ombudsman evaluates their eligibility, after which they will be rejected without further consideration in the following circumstances:

  • If the acts or omissions that the applicant wishes to see repaired are not understandable or justified;
  • The relevant of the acts is clearly insufficient;
  • The acts occurred more than two years ago;
  • The student is not directly affected by the acts reported, except in cases where the complaint is made by a representative;
  • The Ombudsman has already ruled on the matter complained about;
  • When it does not fall within the powers of the Student Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman may not initiate a procedure if there is another, resulting from an application, appeal or complaint regarding the same matter, pending before the competent bodies of the University or its Organic Units.

In any case, the student will always be notified by the Ombudsman of its reasoned decision not to open an investigation.


All complaints or claims will be lodged and properly identified and numbered, after which the Student Ombudsman will by itself or through its employees take the steps it considers necessary and appropriate to establish the facts, with a view to its analysis and assessment and, where appropriate, to formulate recommendations, issue an opinion or prepare a report.

Until the recommendation is made, the opinion is issued or the report is prepared, the process remains open.


Eligible complaints or claims will be filed when:

  • The Ombudsman concludes that the complaint or claim is unfounded or that there are not enough elements for a proceedings to be approved;
  • Illegalities, injustices or irregularities have been repaired.

Preliminary Hearing

Before any conclusions, the Student ombudsman must hear the bodies, services and agents of the University in respect of which the complaint was made, and enabling the right to provide any clarification required in due time.


  • The recommendations of the Student ombudsman are addressed to the competent body to correct the irregular act or situation;
  • The body receiving the recommendation must, within 30 days of its receipt, notify the Student Ombudsman of the position taken;
  • Whenever no reason is given for not complying with the recommendation being presented or the justification is not sufficient for the Ombudsman, the latter will notify the Rector to consider the violation of the norm in question;
  • The recommendations, opinions or reports issued by the Student Ombudsman will always be communicated to the bodies or persons concerned and to the student who made the complaint.

Offences Detected

  • If, during any process, there is sufficient evidence of the practice of disciplinary offences, the Student Ombudsman will report them to the Rector for competent action;
  • If the findings indicate the existence of criminal offences, the Student Ombudsman will report them to the Public Prosecutor.
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