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U.Porto Student Ombudsman

Duty of Cooperation of Bodies, Agents and Services of the University and Organic Units

  • The bodies, agents and services of the university and its organic units have a duty to cooperate with the Ombudsman, in particular to provide all explanations and information as requested by the Ombudsman in its functions and powers;
  • The Ombudsman may establish in writing a deadline not less than ten working days to obtain a response to an urgent request;
  • Within twenty working days after receiving a request for information and clarification, except as stipulated in the preceding paragraph, the bodies, services and agents must inform the Ombudsman about the actions and steps taken and which phase in is progress;
  • The unjustified breach of the duty to cooperate provided for in the preceding paragraphs is an act of disobedience subject to disciplinary proceedings;
  • The Ombudsman may also request information from the student unions, as well as from the student or students interested in or related to the case, and request through the competent bodies their presence in the hearings. They will be exempt from attending the hearing if the request coincides with school activities.
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