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Teachers and students of the first Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto

Augusto Ferreira Nobre

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University Teacher and Naturalist

Born on 16 September 1896, he was the son of Professor Augusto Pereira Nobre (Full Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Porto, Minister of Public Education and Rector of the University of Porto) and nephew of the poet António Nobre.

His collaboration with the University of Porto began in the Museum and Laboratory of Zoology, linked to the Faculty of Sciences, where he worked as a naturalist between 1914 and 1919. When the First Faculty of Arts of Porto was created by Law 861, of 27 August 1919, he held the position of Contract Teacher in the 4th Group (Historical Sciences), and was sworn in on 29 October 1919. When his two-year contract came to an end, he was appointed Ordinary Professor (and later was re-appointed as Full Professor after the enactment of the Statutes of University Education, in 1926), having served between 7 October 1921 and the time of his death. He was responsible for the chairs of History of Portugal, Ancient History and General History of Civilization.

By decision of the Board of the First Faculty of Arts, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Letters – Historical Sciences, on 23 October 1926. During the office of Professor Augusto Pereira Nobre as Minister of Public Education, he became the private secretary to the Minister (between February and November 1922).

He died in Porto on 26 September 1930, and is buried in the family grave in Prado do Repouso Cemetery. In his life time, he set up a prize to be awarded to the best student in Ancient History at the First Faculty of Arts of Porto.
Posthumously, his work entitled "António Nobre e as grandes correntes literárias do século desanove" [A. N. and the major literary currents in the 19th century] was published in Porto in 1931.
(Universidade Digital / Gestão de Informação, 2008)

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