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Teachers and Students of the first Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto

Image composed of several photos of Teachers and Students of the 1st FLUP

The diploma which dissociated the Faculty of Arts from the University of Coimbra paved the way for the establishment of these studies in Porto in a very short time "considering (...) the conditions (...) for a broader activity than those in Coimbra." Indeed, the Official Bulletin of 27 August 1919 announced the creation of a Faculty of Arts in the University of Porto.

In the absence of specific rules, the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto inherited the curricular structure of the recently extinct Faculty in Coimbra. In fact, the subjects were distributed in the same groups and formed the same departments for undergraduate and doctoral programmes. The chair Aesthetics and History of Art seems to have been the only difference in the curricular plan of the school of Porto.

The Statutes of University Education published on 2 October 1926 by Decree-Law 12426 established that in terms of teaching staff the Full Professors would replace the ordinary and extraordinary teachers, the first and second assistant teachers would continue in function, as well as “professores livres” [paid by the students and not the State; they could minister courses equivalent to those taught by Professors], who would be joined by “assistentes livres”.

Several events, including the fire that struck the premises of the University of Porto on 20 April 1974, led to the destruction of a considerable number of filed documents and with them the memories of a century-old institution. However, despite the scarcity of sources for the history of some of the faculties of the University of Porto and, in this case, for the history of its first Faculty of Arts, the research carried out has clarified some aspects that were unknown and shed some light on some of its activities.

In this context, the Information Management Unit of the Digital University produced biographies of teachers and students of the First Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, sharing and disseminating the information collected in various studies and research projects.

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