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Manuel Marques Teixeira

Fotografia de Manuel Marques Teixeira / Photo of Manuel Marques Teixeira Manuel Marques Teixeira
Physicist, chemist and university teacher, 1st Portuguese pupil
of Madame Curie

Manuel Marques Teixeira de Oliveira, son of Vicente Marques de Oliveira, was born in Porto on 4 October 1889.

In Porto, he completed secondary education and took a business course.
He graduated from the Polytechnic Academy of Porto and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto in Physics and Chemistry. In fact, he was one of the first graduates of this course who completed it with a final mark of 17 [on a scale of 0 to 20].
In 1912, prior to completing his degree, he was already 2nd Interim Assistant of the 2nd Department, 1st Group (ordinance of 29 February); later, he became tenured assistant.

Between February and July 1914, he was a pupil of Maria Sklodowska (Madame Curie, 1867-1934) - her first Portuguese pupil who trained at the Radium Institute in Paris. The knowledge so acquired, which greatly influenced Manuel Marques Teixeira, was collected in the Dissertation submitted for the position of Assistant and was entitled “Manipulações de radioatividade” (Porto, 1914) [Manipulating Radioactivity].

Manuel Marques Teixeira taught Physics and Mathematics at the Rodrigues de Freitas High School, where he was a tenured teacher since 1915. He also worked at the Industrial Institute of Porto, where, besides being a teacher, he also served as director.
On 23 March 1918, he took up office as 1st Assistant of the 1st Group – Physics, 2nd Department – Physics and Chemistry, of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.
In 1948, as Extraordinary Professor, he was appointed Full Professor of the 1st Group – Physics, of the 2nd Department – Physics and Chemistry, prior to a competition based on qualifications, by Ordinance published in the Official Journal, 2nd Series, no. 63, of 17 March. He took up office the following day.
At the Faculty of Sciences, he taught several chairs, such as Optics, between 1952 and 1959, succeeded by José Moreira de Araújo, and Physical Mechanics and Electronics. He also taught the complementary course in Physics. Between 7 April and 1 November 1953, while Full Professor Carlos Azevedo de Coutinho Braga was temporarily unable to work, he served as Secretary of FCUP and Director of the Geophysical Institute linked to the Faculty of Sciences - he was appointed by Ordinance published in the Official Journal, 2nd Series, no. 216, of 16 June 1955. He took up office on 29 September of that year.

Manuel Marques Teixeira reached the age limit on 4 October 1959.

He was greatly hindered by some of the political decisions he took along his career. He was deported to Angola (1927-1928), arrested (1946) and suspended from duty, without pay, between 1949 and 1952.

He died in 1967.
(Universidade Digital / Gestão de Informação, 2012)

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