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Office for Access to Higher Education at the University of Porto (GAES-UP)


Our office (GAES-UP) is part of a national network of Offices for Admissions to Higher Education coordinated by DGES (Direção Geral do Ensino Superior).

It guarantees, in close articulation with DGES, assistance to all applications to the Portuguese Higher Education system, namely:

  • Collaborating with DGES in all aspects pertaining to the Nacional Competition to the Portuguese Higher Education (including special regimes and contingents), offering information and clarifications all year round to potential candidates;
  • Offering logistical and administrative conditions inherent to the application process, in the set timetable by DGES, including the allocation of spaces and equipment for applicants during the applications period.


Office for Admissions to Higher Education of the University of Porto (GAES-UP)

U.Porto Rectorate
Praça de Gomes Teixeira
4099-002 Porto, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 22 040 80 53; 22 040 81 98
E-mail: acesso.es@reit.up.pt
WhatsApp: +351 967 180 416 (only by message)
WhatsApp: +351 967 180 457 (only by message)

Matters should be preferably handled via telephone or email, through the aforementioned contacts.

In case the situation can't be solved through these channels, in person services are available in the following schedule: 

Face-to-face appointment:
Monday and Friday: 09h30-12h30
Tuesday and Thursday: 14h30-17h00 

Telephone service:
Monday and Friday: 14h30-17h00
Tuesday and Thursday: 09h30-12h00 




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