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Publications with the same scientific areas as the On dual Goldie dimension (University of Glasgow) publication

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Luís Oliveira (Author) (FCUP)
Christian Lomp (Author) (FCUP)
Paula A.A.B. Carvalho (Author) (FCUP)

Technical Report

Christian Lomp (Author) (FCUP)
Christian Lomp (Author) (FCUP)

Educational Publication

Christian Lomp (Author) (FCUP)
Ana Maria Faustino (Author) (FEUP)
Joaquim Góis (Author) (FEUP)

Poster in an International Conference

Luís Oliveira (Author) (FCUP)


Christian Lomp (Author) (FCUP); John Clark (Author) (Other); N. Vanaja (Author) (Other); Robert Wisbauer (Author) (Other)
José António Tenreiro Machado (Author) (FEUP); Alexandra Maria Soares Ferreira Galhano (Author) (FEUP); Fernando Ferreira (Author) (Other); Fernanda Ferreira (Author) (Other)

Article in International Scientific Journal

Christian Lomp (Author) (FCUP); Robert Wisbauer (Author) (Other); Khaled Al-Takhman (Author) (Other)
Brown, K (Author) (Other); Paula A.A.B. Carvalho (Author) (FCUP); Matczuk, J (Author) (Other)
Francis J Pastijn (Author) (Other); Luis A Oliveira (Author) (FCUP)
Christian Lomp (Author) (FCUP); M.F. Nasrutdinov (Author) (Other); I.I. Sakhayev (Author) (Other)
Christian Lomp (Author) (FCUP)
Paula A.A.B. Carvalho (Author) (FCUP); Wagner Cortes (Author) (Other); Miguel Ferrero (Author) (Other)
Auinger, K (Author) (Other); Oliveira, L (Author) (FCUP)

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