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Population Studies

Acronym: EPOP
Person in Charge: Adriano Bordalo e Sá

The Department of Population Studies is a multidisciplinary and multiprofessional unit, which includes biologists, engineers, mathematicians, doctors and veterinarians. The Faculty is responsible for general subjects, including quantitative methods, biostatistics, and ecology and scientific research methodologies, across the many study cycles in which the Department is involved.

The Department is also responsible for each specific disciplines of education, including epidemiology, community health and clinical genetics  (in collaboration with the Department of pathology and molecular immunology) in the integrated master in Medicine; Toxicology, animal genetics, epidemiology and public health, of the integrated master in Veterinary Medicine; Planctology, population dynamics, genetics and improvement and ecotoxicology of the first cycle degree (BSc) in Aquatic Sciences, among others.

Teachers of the Department are still involved in postgraduate education, in 7 second cycle courses (masters), (MCTA, MOnc, MCEnf, MCMRM, MSP, MML and MCF), and 7, third cycle courses, PhDs or doctoral programs, (PDCTA, PDCMA, PDGG, MAP-PDMF, PDMA, GABBA, PDCEnf) together with other faculties, with other universities, with research centres and associated laboratories and with other national and foreign schools of higher education.

Although not a formal research unit as a whole, the members of the Department are involved in various research projects in several scientific areas including genetics, epidemiology, public health, environmental health, ecotoxicology, hydrobiology, ecology and all are members of  national research centres, or associated laboratories, like ISPUP,  IBMC, CIIMAR and CINTESIS, among others.

The Department also provides services to the community in a number of areas.

E-mail: bordalo@icbas.up.pt
Phone: 220428181
Address: Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar da Universidade do Porto Rua de Jorge Viterbo Ferreira n.º 228, Coordenadas: Latitude – 41o 8’ 52.0999” N / Longitude – 8o 37’27.1303” W
Postal Code: 4050-313
Location: Porto


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