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Master Degree in Forensic Medicine (MML)
2024/25 - Re-Admission - 1st Phase

Applicants who are or have been UP students, in case they have lost their passwords, should address their respective Faculties to request new access credentials.

All applicants who submit their application will have to pay the fee (even desist before serialization). In case of international students please contact the treasury department (tesouraria.icbas@sp.up.pt) no later than 48 hours before the application deadline.

The application will only be considered valid after the reception of the payment confirmation by the SIBS, the payment will have to be made until the deadline of applications. In case of international students, proof of bank transfer.


Start date for application submittal: 2024-06-25
Deadline for application submittal: 2024-07-15
Deadline for disclosure of approved applications: 2024-08-06

Information to be provided by the candidate

Information to be provided - Personal data

  • Name (Mandatory)
  • Date of birth (Mandatory)
  • Gender (Mandatory)
  • Nationality (Mandatory)
  • Cell phone (Mandatory)
  • Identity Card (Mandatory)
  • Expiration date (Mandatory)
  • Taxpayer no. (Optional)
  • Type of address (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Street (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Parish (Residence) (Optional)
  • Postal Code (Residence) (Optional)
  • Country (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • E-mail (Mandatory)

Information to be provided - Scanned documents

  • Identity card / Passport (Optional)
  • Document with identification of the dissertation / project / internship, theme, feasibility of the project (locations, conditions and funding) and, if applicable, with the opinion of the supervisor and co-supervisor (Optional)
  • Declaração de Proteção de Dados (Mandatory)


Fee: Reingresso ou mudança de instituição/curso (fixed) 55 €

Contact for further information

Postgraduate and Continuing Education
Opening hours:

Service Face-to-face and Telephone*

Monday to Friday:10:00-12:00/14:00-15:30

*Considering the difficulties in answering all telephone requests, we recommend that you send us your enquiry to posgrad@icbas.up.pt

Email: posgrad@icbas.up.pt

Number of vacancies

Admission Scheme Vacancies
Re-Admission -
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