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Ana Colette Maurício

Fotografia de Ana Colette Pereira de Castro Osório Maurício
Name: Ana Colette Pereira de Castro Osório Maurício
Estado: Active
Email Institucional: acmauricio@icbas.up.pt
Extensão Telefónica: 5367 ou 5371
Telf.Alt.: 220428371


Categoria: Professor Associado
Carreira: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional Group: Docente
Department: Veterinary Clinics


Cargo Data de Início
Member of the Representatives Council 2018-09-19
Member of the Scientific Board 2014-09-26
Department Director Clínicas Veterinárias 2015-03-13
Course Director Programa Doutoral em Ciências Veterinárias 2015-10-16
Chairman of the Scientific Committee Programa Doutoral em Ciências Veterinárias 2016-06-28
Chairman of the Program Follow-up Committee Programa Doutoral em Ciências Veterinárias 2016-06-28
Docente Responsável de Curso de Educação contínua Doenças Osteocondrodegenerativas em Animais de Companhia - Do Diagnóstico à Terapia 2018-02-14

Apresentação Pessoal

Ana Colette Pereira de Castro Osório Maurício has a degree on Veterinary Medicine since 1995, a PhD on Veterinary Sciences since 1999 from Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária (FMV) - Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) and Habilitation in Veterinary Sciences (ICBAS-UP) since 2011. The PhD experimental work was developed at Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência (IGC) in Oeiras, Portugal, at Freiburg Medicine Faculty in Germany and at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (FCT) from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). At the present, she is an Associated Professor with Habilitation, from the Veterinary Clinics Department of Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas de Abel Salazar (ICBAS), Universidade do Porto (UP). She is a Member of the Scientific Council and Member of the Representatives Council of ICBAS-UP. She is the Director of the Veterinary Sciences Doctoral Program at ICBAS – UP. She is the Scientific Coordinator of Regenerative Medicine and Experimental Surgery sub-unit from Centro de Estudos de Ciência Animal (CECA) of Instituto Instituto de Ciências, Tecnologias e Agroambiente da Universidade do Porto (ICETA). For the past 16 years she coordinates a multidisciplinary research group of Experimental Surgery and Regenerative Medicine, working with several biomaterials and cellular therapies. She started working with embryonic stem cells obtained by somatic nuclear transfer for therapeutic use; with Ian Wilmut´s group (Dolly’s cloned sheep). Several relevant publications had been produced and conducted to a PhD thesis that she co-supervised together with Ian Wilmut and to the first Portuguese cloned animal (R Ribas, B Oback, W Ritchie, T Chebotareva, J Taylor, AC Maurício, M Sousa, I Wilmut, 2006. Cloning and Stem Cells 8(1): 10; R Ribas, J Taylor, C McCorquodale, AC Maurício, M Sousa, I Wilmut, 2006. Biology of Reproduction 74: 307; R Ribas, B Oback, W Ritchie, T Chebotareva, T Ferrier, C Clarke, J Taylor, E Gallagher, AC Maurício, M Sousa, I Wilmut, 2005. Cloning and Stem Cells 7(2): 126). But ethical issues related to the collection and manipulation of human embryonic stem cells, even for therapeutic use is very controversial and understandable. So, more recently the potential of fetal stem cells derived from extra-embryonic tissues has been deeply investigated by her research group. Therefore, a continued effort to identify and characterize novel stem cell populations appears critical for widespread clinical success. This effort implies in vitro studies, experimental surgery and in vivo testing, before the clinical trials and the compassive treatment in such clinical cases where the traditional and standard treatments failed. Her research groups works exactly in this direction, so she created a multidisciplinary team, including Veterinaries, Engineers, Medical Doctors that through Experimental Surgery have a crucial role in the development of biomaterials and cellular therapies, allowing a close share of knowledge between biomaterials design, development of cellular systems, and surgeons needs when related to specific clinical cases. This group has several recent relevant publications in the research areas of nerve, bone, musculoskeletal and vascular tissue regeneration. In her laboratory have been working several PhD and Post-Doctoral students from various countries who have acquired a high level of competence in the study of tissue regeneration. She is the supervisor of several PhD, Post-Doctoral and Master students (16 PhD thesis already concluded with success and 16 PhD thesis on going), she is the co-author of a large number of scientific articles published in Indexed Journals (she publishes as Maurício AC) and of several scientific book chapters. She was the principal researcher of several national and international scientific projects. Editor of 3 international scientific books and inventor of 5 international patents.

Áreas de Interesse

  1. Health sciences
  2. Health sciences > Medical sciences > Veterinary medicine
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