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Completed Research Projects

2014-2017: The Aging Social Brain: Neural and behavioral age-related changes in social cognition and decision-making (BIAL Foundation)

2011-2014: Social information processing in psychopathy: Patterns of interaction and neurophysiological correlates in the Ultimatum Game (FCT PTDC/PSI-PCO/114953/2009)

2011-2014: Nonlinear processing of emotional information: Behavioral evidence and neurophysiological correlates (BIAL Foundation 144/10)

2010-2013: The neural bases of the abnormal P2 component of the event-related potential in patients with schizophrenia (FCT PTDC/PSI-PCO/099528/2008)

2009-2011: Manipulation of emotion in immersive virtual reality environments: Methodological validation (BIAL Foundation 94/08)

2006-2009: Establishing P200 Event Related Potential disturbances as a new schizophrenia endophenotype: A portuguese study with schizophrenic patients and first degree relatives (FCT POCI/PSI/58881/2004)

2005-2008: Detection of emotional information and its interference in neurocognitive processing: a study with recidive criminals (BIAL Foundation 82/04)

In collaboration:

2011-2014: Judgments of moral wrongdoings and emotions: A neuropsychophysiological study [Collaboration] (BIAL Foundation 166/10)

2010-2011: Development of a new type of dry electrode for electroencephalographic signals acquisition (Reitoria da Universidade do Porto)

2007-2010: Phrasing in speech prosody and in music: Behavioral and electrophysiological studies [Collaboration] (FCT PTDC/PSI/64920/2006)

2007-2009: Advancements in the development of titanium nitride based sensors for EEG active electrodes [Collaboration] (BMWT – Federal German Ministry of Economics and Technology)