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Cooperation in the UP

The University of Porto is a university open to the world, asserting itself today as a pole of attraction for students, professors and researchers from the four corners of the planet, and a pivotal institution in terms of international cooperation, an essential vector in the development strategy that U.Porto has been designing for the past few decades. (U.Porto)

Cooperation at FPCEUP

Internationalization plays an important role in FPCEUP, not only due to the growing number of projects and protocols established in partnership with foreign entities, but also due to the increase in the flow of students and the exchange of professors and researchers, within the scope of cooperation and training programs. mobility. Currently, FPCEUP has protocols signed with more than 60 Higher Education institutions in the EU and participates in the various Erasmus Mundus consortia of the UP.
The International Relations and Mobility Service is the structure at FPCEUP responsible for supporting and developing activities that contribute to the internationalization of the Faculty, promoting its involvement in national and international programs in the fields of education, training, cooperation and mobility of students and staff.


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