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Research Group in Human Sexuality (SexLab)

Acronym: SexLab Research Group in Human Sexuality (SexLab) - Abre numa nova janela
Person in Charge: Pedro Nobre
Description: The aim of the Research Group in Human Sexuality is to contribute to the scientific knowledge in the area of sexuality with a special focus on themes associated with sexual dysfunctions, sexual risk behaviors, compulsivity, and sexual assault, as well as the dimensions associated with the determination of sexual response, sexual satisfaction, and well-being. The studies conducted by the group usually have implications at the level of understanding, prevention, and treatment of sexual problems but also at the level of promotion of sexual health in general. With this aim, the main objective of the Group is to conduct research of cross-sectional, longitudinal, and experimental nature in different aspects of human sexuality.

The group has established a research laboratory in human sexuality (SexLab) that is unique in Portugal allowing conducting experimental and psychophysiological investigation on different aspects of human sexuality. The lab is part of the international network "SEXLAB", coordinated by Erick Janssen from the Kinsey Institute (USA) composed of 11 laboratories that work in this area around the world.

The SexLab has equipment that allows evaluating different psychophysiological aspects associated with sexual response in men and women. With regard to genital sexual response the SexLab has measures of vaginal arousal  (vaginal photoplethismograph) which assess the level of vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) and blood volume (VBV) and measures of penile tumescence (indium gallium gauge) that evaluate changes in penile circumference. In addition to these measures, SexLab is also equipped with a set of instruments assessing cardio-respiratory responses (blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate), Galvanic (galvanic skin conductance), and startle responses (eye blink). Moreover, the Lab is equipped with an eyetracker with remote control that allow measuring the focus of visual attention during the experiments. The SexLab has also specific software to produce and manipulate different stimuli (SuperLab) and process all physiological data (Acqknowledge)

E-mail: sexlab@fpce.up.pt
Phone: 22 042 89 08
Room: FPCE238
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