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MSc Academic and Clinical Education

The objectives of this Cycle Studies (CS) will meet the goals set in the educational, scientific and cultural projects of UP and ESEP at several levels. In line with these projects, the CS seeks to promote a sound scientific and pedagogical training in Academic Education and Clinic, as well as develop and refine a number of general, professional and specific skills previously described.

In addition, it articulates the training of future graduates to high quality scientific and educational functions, with research promotion in these areas. This training will also contribute to greater qualification of human resources for transfer to the national and international community of knowledge in this area.

The EC also promotes cooperation between various institutions and multidisciplinary, critical axes of educational, scientific and cultural projects of both institutions.

The Master's teaching staff is composed entirely by teachers and experts in this areas stemmed from several organic units of the UP and ESEP, who know the context of higher education, its problems and needs, being in good conditions to intervene in a very specific area. It is also composed of teachers from the various partner institutions, who teach, develop and carry out practical research in areas related to academic and clinical education, and also by experts in training and activity in several areas of the Master.

Its framework is the Department of Education and Medical Simulation, formerly Medical Education Center, of FMUP that since 2009 has developed this training area to internal and external academic staff, as well as to supervisors of hospital residents. In this context, the creation of a cycle of studies in Education Academic and Clinical coordinated by FMUP but integrating six organic units and an HEI, aims to contribute to bridging the current gap that exists in our country, of postgraduate programs in these areas, thereby offering to graduates in the fields of health and life sciences the opportunity to develop fundamental skills and competencies in these areas.


- Contribute to the development of professionalism and the professionalism of health care professionals who wish to acquire and develop pedagogical and soft skills in the area of Clinical Education.

- Raise awareness among medical educators and teachers from life and health sciences areas to the importance and necessity of acquisition and development of knowledge, attitudes and skills complementary to their scientific training, in order to promote the quality of training of their students;

- Generate spaces of reflection that:
  • encourage discussion of educational issues that arise during the teaching activity;
  • promote the sharing of experiences and good practices;
  • contribute to the acquisition and development of pedagogical and soft skills in the area of ACE.
  • Train teachers to develop research in the area of ACE;
  • Promote the scientific production in the area of ACE;
  • Promote lifelong learning professional / Higher Education teachers in the area of ACE.

For more information go to the FMUP page, the course's administrative institution.

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