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MedChem Program: From Organic Chemistry to Pharmaceutical Drugs

General information

Acronym: DQOF-BIP


  • MedChem Program: From Organic Chemistry to Pharmaceutical Drugs (3 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

MedChem Program: From Organic Chemistry to Pharmaceutical Drugs

DQOF2201 - ECTS 1. It is intended that participants understand the behavior (reactivity) of organic substances and use this knowledge for Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry, namely drug synthesis, pharmaceutical analysis and drug discovery and design. This knowledge will be taught in an understandable and gradual way, in order to be able to be followed by the participants in a deductive and integrated way.

2. Thus, the reactivity and physical-chemical properties of organic substances and their influence on biological activity will be studied. The principles of retrosynthetic analysis and organic synthesis will be applied to the industrial synthesis of drugs. Pharmaceutical analysis will be presented to guarantee the quality of drugs and the main methods of analysis used will be addressed. The mechanism of action of drugs at the molecular level and the sources, methodologies and strategies used for drug discovery and design will be explained. During the course, case studies and the problem-based learning process will also be used as a basis for learning. Examples of how several relevant drugs in the current therapeutic arsenal came to market will be discussed. In laboratory classes, participants will carry out work that demonstrates and consolidates the knowledge acquired in theoretical classes. Participants will use synthesis, isolation, purification, purity control and analysis techniques for bioactive substances, including drugs. Discussion of current issues in the area will be encouraged with a poster session, leading participants to experience research methodologies developed in the area of Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Participants who wish to present a poster communication for discussion may submit an abstract when applying.

3. The e-learning component will deal with advanced and multidisciplinary aspects of drug discovery, showing research case studies from participating foreign institutions.

4. During the course, it is intended that participants develop different capacities, namely deductive reasoning, accuracy, interpretation of experimental and observational data.
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