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Organization of the Documentation Services

The Documentation Services of the Law Faculty of University of Porto include:
    • The Library Professor Ribeiro de Faria fund, consisting of:
      • the general collection, as a resulto of normal acquisitions and ocasional donations;
      • the nucleus Pedro Veiga, product of a valuable donation made to the UP in 1975 by that jurist and man of wide culture from Porto;
      • the nucleus donated by the International Centre of Comparative Criminology (CICC) of the University of Montreál.

We must also refer that all the documentation is in open access, disposed room by room in each of the three floors (according to the attached plans).

The arrangement of the Works in the floors has been done considering the differences of the existent collections and the kind of documents; regarding the monographs of the fund of the Library “Professor Ribeiro de Faria” the disposal has been done by grouping them in thematic sectors, using the Universal Decimal Classification (UCD).

The sequence of the arrangement by room begins with the lateral bookstands and expands from the left to the right, all around, going then over to the bookcases disposed in the central zone (put in good order and duly marked).

FLOOR 2 (Entrance)

Planta do Piso 2
Room 2.13
- Reception. Services of direct support to the users.
- Reference works.
Room 2.12
- Subsidiary subjects of law, economy, tax law, methodology, philosophy of law.
Room 2.11
- International law and public law.


Planta do Piso 3
Rooms 3.14 and 3.17
- Area reserved to the technical services.
Room 3.13 (Gallery)
Area of the special nucleus:
- Pedro Veiga
- Montreal University
Room 3.12
- Criminal law.
- Criminology
Rooms 3.16
- Private work cabinets for teachers and investigators.
Room 3.15
- Group work cabinet.


Planta do Piso 1
Room 1.14
- Civil law.
Room 1.13
- Continuation of the civil law and various subjects.
- Periodical publications, disposed in alphabetic order of title.
Room 1.12
- Continuation of the periodical publications.
- Master's and PhD thesis and other academic works.
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