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Physics I

Code: FIS1007     Acronym: FIS1007     Level: 100

Classification Keyword

Instance: 2021/2022 - 1S Ícone do Moodle

Active? Yes
Responsible unit: Department of Physics and Astronomy
Course/CS Responsible: Bachelor in Chemistry

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
L:B 2 Official Study Plan 3 - 6 56 162
L:CC 2 study plan from 2021/22 2 - 6 56 162
L:CTA 73 Plano estudos a partir do ano letivo 2016/17 1 - 6 56 162
L:EA 4 The study plan from 2019 1 - 6 56 162
L:EG 9 The study plan from 2019 1 - 6 56 162
L:G 67 study plan from 2017/18 1 - 6 56 162
L:M 5 Official Study Plan 2 - 6 56 162
L:Q 48 study plan from 2016/17 1 - 6 56 162

Teaching Staff - Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibility
Pedro Pina Avelino

Teaching - Hours

Theoretical classes: 2,00
Theoretical and practical : 2,00
Type Teacher Classes Hour
Theoretical classes Totals 1 2,00
Pedro Pina Avelino 2,00
Theoretical and practical Totals 7 14,00
Caroline dos Santos da Silva 1,714
Pedro Pina Avelino 1,714
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Teaching language



Introductory Course on Mechanics and Waves where fundamental physical principles in these areas are presented.

Learning outcomes and competences

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

- Analyze physical quantities in terms of units and dimensions.

- Analyze elemental problems of motion in one, two and three dimensions. Analyze, in particular, the motion of projectiles and circular motion.

- Apply Newton's laws and the work-kinetic energy theorem in common introductory problems.

- Understand introductory concepts involved in the conservation of linear momentum and energy.

- Apply the basic principles relating to simple harmonic motion.

Working method



- Physical quantities, units, dimensional analysis

- Particle Mechanics

Rectilinear motion and motion in space.

Newton's laws. Work and energy.

Conservative and dissipative forces. Potential energy. Potential energy curves. Binding energy.

Harmonic oscillator.

Damped and forced oscillations.

- Fluid Mechanics


Hydrodynamics. Viscosity.

-Introduction to Elasticity

Elastic coefficients. Hooke's law.

- Waves

Waves in material media. Examples. Progressive and stationary waves. Wave equation.

Plane waves. Wave superposition: constructive and destructive interference.

Reflection, refraction, transmission and diffraction of waves - introduction.

Mandatory literature

Marcelo Alonso e Edward J. Finn; Física, Escolar Editora, 2012. ISBN: 9789725922965
R. Resnick; Física. ISBN: 85-216-0299-5 Vol. 1
Robert Resnick; Física. ISBN: 85-216-0077-1 Vol. 2
Paul A. Tipler; Physics for scientists and engineers. ISBN: 978-0-7167-8964-2

Teaching methods and learning activities

Lectures to present and discuss the referred topics, using examples to help understanding concepts, laws and calculation techniques. Problem classes to solve problems and exercises.

Evaluation Type

Distributed evaluation with final exam

Assessment Components

designation Weight (%)
Exame 100,00
Total: 100,00

Amount of time allocated to each course unit

designation Time (hours)
Estudo autónomo 106,00
Frequência das aulas 56,00
Total: 162,00

Eligibility for exams

Attendance of theoretical-pratical (TP) classes, according the assessement rules of UPorto. The students who have obtained frequency in the previous year may request exemption from the TP classes.

Calculation formula of final grade

Nf = E.

Nf - final grade;

E - exam classification (from 0 to 20).


Special assessment (TE, DA, ...)




Classification improvement

Final examination only.


Jury of this curricular unit:
- Pedro Pina Avelino
- Caroline dos Santos da Silva
- Catarina Gasparinho Godinho Lobo
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