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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Acronym: Dep.Fis.Ast. Department of Physics and Astronomy - Abre numa nova janela
Person in Charge: Mário João Monteiro
How can the Universe expand? Are stars born and do they die? Can we levitate a train? What are things made of, strings or particles? What is a quantum computer? Can we travel to past? What is the use of optical fibers in Civil Engineering?

These and other questions excite the curiosity of many. However the search for deep and truthful  answers requires a rigorous and demanding training, which is   the trademark of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. We offer:
  • A highly qualified  teaching staff, all with PhD's,  with a large scientific  productivity;
  • Four research Units in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Material Science and Nanotechnology and Lasers and Optoelectronics;
  • Research and teaching laboratory infra-structures;
  • Degree courses from first cycle to PhD in several areas of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy;
  • Long tradition and experience of teacher training in  Physics and Chemistry.
For further details please visit our site (in portuguese).
E-mail: dfa.sec@fc.up.pt
Phone: +351 220 402 404
Fax: +351 220 402 406
Address: Rua Campo Alegre 687
Postal Code: 4169-007
Location: Porto
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