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Matter: the white conferences [Matéria: conferências brancas]

2018/2019, FAUP

MATTER. the White conferences [Matéria: conferências brancas] is a cycle promoted by two Professors dedicated to the various ways of today seeing and understanding architecture, in which abstraction is a fundamental matter necessary for the expression of a particular vision of reality felt in their work and their thinking.

White because they are blank thus open lectures to multiple architectural interpretations that we plan to distribute in separate sessions throughout this and next academic year. It is also a cycle that intends, through informal talks and debates, to evoke the 60 years passed under the reform of 1957 year in which, institutionally, the modern teaching of architecture is recognized in Portuguese Architecture.

The cycle opened with a talk presenting MATTER. the White conferences, in FAUP´s exhibition gallery, with philosopher João Lemos as main guest.

On 16th of May Sergison Bates architects delivered the first conference. Under the title “Legacy”, Stephen Bates shed the light on Smithsons’ legacy and addressed an interpretation of New Brutalism. Stephen Bates and Jonathan Sergison, authors of Solar Pavilion´s restoration, in 2004, have their written work reunited in three anthologies entitled Papers[on architecture].

On 18th of October, Lorenzo Giuliani e Christian Hönger delivered the second conference. Under the heading “Ambiguous Typologies & Powerful Spaces”, Giuliani.Hönger took the opportunity to discuss Powerful Spaces in relation to their own work and pose questions on the basis of historical, contemporary and personal references.

The third Conference by Robbrecht en Daem architecten, on the 22nd of November 2018, entitled “An Architectural Anthology”, Paul and Johannes Robbrecht expressed how their practice is defined by key themes that permeate its body of work, including fascination with numbers and collaborations with artists.

From January 14th to February 28th, 2019, we will continue to deepen Robbrecht en Daem´s work in its relation with other artistic expressions. MATTER. the White conferences presents, in FAUP´s Main exhibition Gallery, a particular vision of Robbrecht en Daem´s projects portrayed by Maarten Vanden Abeele, through 11 short films, under the heading, evoking Ornette Coleman´s composition, “Beauty is a rare thing”.

With these initiatives, we intend to open our school to other points of view on the subject of architecture through architects-authors who we have never had the opportunity to hear and personally welcome.

Organization: José Miguel Rodrigues | Helder Casal Ribeiro | Pedro Borges de Araújo
Graphic Design: Marta Ramos | Audio/video: rodrigo andrade e sousa
Support: FAUP | Jofebar

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